Couple kissing with the woman's engagement ring in the foreground.
Customer Stories

The Daily Sparkle: Elise and Colby

During shelter-in-place orders, Colby told Elise that he was waiting for jewelry stores to open back up so he could buy a ring. Little did she know, he’d already ordered the perfect one from Blue

Couple smiling together.
Customer Stories

The Daily Sparkle: Imran + Rehana

Imran and Rehana currently live in different states. Despite delays due to COVID-19, they are excited to share a life together and picked out the engagement ring on a three-way call with Blue Nile.

Husband and wife embracing on their wedding day.
Customer Stories

The Daily Sparkle: Carly + Evan

What do you do when you’ve invited over 300 people and your dance routine is perfectly choreographed—but your state no longer allows gatherings of more than ten people? You follow Carly and Evan’s lead and

Coupling smiling and hugging.
Customer Stories

The Daily Sparkle: Christa & Alexander

When the wedding that Christa and Alexander planned for April 4th had to be postponed, they followed their hearts and a beautiful hiking trail to exchange vows overlooking the Maryland countryside.

Engagement photoshoot of a couple.
Love is Brilliant

Love + Stories: Nikki and Wilfred

After two beautiful souls (and faces) met at a modeling contest, their professional relationship evolved into a long-term and long-distance one.

Engaged couple smiling at one another.
Love is Brilliant

Love + Stories: Ben and Jackie

Does love at first sight really exist? If you have any doubts, look no further than this magical couple in our new feature Love + Stories.