The Daily Sparkle: Imran + Rehana

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Welcome to our next story featuring Imran and Rehana. The couple had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic and family illnesses that made it unsafe to get together. Despite the distance, they are overcoming the hurdles knowing it will only make their relationship stronger.


Rehana lives on the East Coast and Imran is in the Midwest. They cherish their nightly calls, a ritual that goes back to when they were first dating. Sometimes when talking late at night, they even fall asleep and wake up in the morning still connected! When asked what they admire about each other, Imran writes: “I love her sense of humor; she is the funniest when she doesn’t even try. She laughs at all my dry jokes and says I have a nice voice and should really be working at a radio station. I love her fashion style; from her choice in fragrance and outfits to how she does her make-up (even though she doesn’t need any). And we love to spoil each other too. She’s a healthcare professional and I love how smart and educated she is and she says that I am creative and artistic.”


“This wasn’t a traditional proposal,” explains Imran. ”We actually made the decision to get married and then talked about the engagement ring after the fact. “But let’s rewind a little. Back in October 2019, we had already exchanged promise rings and both of us were already wearing the promise rings on our ring finger. A couple of months later we began talking about engagement rings. I then spent a lot of time on various online sites until eventually settling on Blue Nile. Every day when I’d call her on the phone, I’d send her pictures of all the engagement ring pictures that caught my eye. She told me what she liked and what she didn’t. Then I did a lot of research on the 4Cs and would talk to her over the phone about all the education and information I gathered on diamond selection. Then, over the phone with the Blue Nile Customer Support, both she and I went through the catalog of settings that matched my diamond cut and she went with a classic, timeless setting, and we had also decided on platinum over gold.”

Scalloped Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum


So what’s next for Imran and Rehana? Since they’re not sure when the actual ceremony will be, Imran’s filling the gap with “magazine-worthy camera-filter-enhanced photos of the ring and teasing her by sending picture texts of it. Then over video chat, I wear it on my pinky finger to tantalize her some more.”

Congratulations Imran and Rehana! We are so excited for you, and impressed by all of the research that you did. We’re delighted that you found the perfect ring on a 3-way call with one of our diamond experts. This story has inspired us to share our diamond-buying cheat sheet to help other people who enjoy learning about the 4Cs. Be sure to share photos of your ceremony. We’d love to see them!

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