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How to Pick an Engagement Ring for Her

With the multitude of engagement ring styles out there, a little guidance goes a long way to keep your shopping experience frustration-free. That’s exactly why education is one of the cornerstones of our business. In addition to understanding the basics of diamond buying, the other key question you should ask yourself is: Who’s your girl?


Remember that an engagement ring is also an everyday accessory and to many women, an extension of their personal style. To get a sense of her fashion identity, take a look at her other jewellery and clothing choices. Those are excellent clues to help lead you in the right engagement ring direction.

Does she wear yellow or white metals more frequently?

Does she have an active lifestyle? If so, consider a ring with a lower profile, one that rests closer to the finger, rather than extending outward, to avoid knocking it or getting it caught on things.

Read through the personal style types below and consider the rings we’ve suggested—chances are you’ll recognise the perfect one for your soon-to-be fiancée.

The Trend Watcher

She’s not beholden to the latest fashion, but she definitely knows what’s current. The Trend Watcher craves finely made pieces with style to spare.

The Sweetheart

She revels in romance and is partial to pink. The Sweetheart lives her life in soft focus, and her accessories reflect that.

The Sophisticate

She loves to stand out from the crowd. Wow her with an extraordinary piece of jewelry—it won’t go unnoticed.

The Low-Maintenance Girl

It’s all about simplicity for this woman. She may not have a lot of jewellery, but what she does have is subtle and top-notch.