Love + Stories: Nikki and Wilfred

Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy—especially if your line of work dictates that you’re always on the go. After two beautiful souls (and faces) met at a modeling contest, their professional relationship evolved into a long-term and long-distance one. Our next Love + Stories shows how two international jetsetters rely on the simple things (including an inside-joke about blueberry cheesecake) to keep their eight-year love strong.

Nikki and Wilfred were both born and raised in the bustling mega city of Hong Kong. Their careers, however, have taken them all around the globe. Wilfred recently signed with a modeling agency in New York, while Nikki is still in Hong Kong working as both a model and flight attendant. Though they might be in an extremely long-distance relationship, you’d never know it from how close they are.


After the modeling contest, the pair started working together in Hong Kong. Nikki’s other job, however, often kept them apart. Though text is to thank for keeping their budding friendship alive, there was one problem. Nikki needed to change her phone service country to country. Every layover came with a new number. Nikki had an easy fix: she turned this inconvenience into a test to see how well Wilfred knew her. Ends up, he aced it. “No matter which number she was texting me from, I could still figure out that it was her,” he said grinning.


When Nikki and Wilfred finally found a break to go on their first date, it hardly went as planned. They agreed on a movie to celebrate his birthday and parted ways. Nikki went home to bake a special surprise. Through a series of missteps (Wilfred says he’s to blame), they didn’t make the movie. But the night was young and surely Nikki’s homemade blueberry cheesecake would be the perfect remedy. Only Wilfred doesn’t like blueberries! Luckily for him, she only ditched the recipe.

Photo of couple embracing

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When it comes to describing Nikki, Wilfred can’t stop—funny, kind, humble and honest are just a few of his descriptors. He also admires the way she always thinks of her family, even when she’s working.

Nikki said she loves the way her beau is different from her. She’s a bit of a wallflower (surprising for someone who faces hundreds of strangers every day) and Wilfred’s outgoing personality helps her step out. “Yeah, sometimes she doesn’t realize how great she is,” Wilfred agreed.


“We should get married,” Wilfred declared confidently. “We want to spend the rest of our lives together. No matter what’s going to happen.” He followed by blaming his career for not popping the question already. Nikki said she thinks that they found the perfect engagement ring on our shoot. Our crystal ball predicts a proposal any day now.

Couple embracing

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Working in an industry of beautiful faces could put stress on a relationship, but not for this couple. Wilfred says that he has little interest in the superficial. “Love is different from temptations,” he said quoting a friend, and went on to note that beauty is also on the inside when it comes to his partner.

Nikki sees the crux of their relationship in their day-to-day. “We enjoy being together. Every day is simple but we’re happy.” Wilfred added, “Living in the city, no matter how cosmopolitan it is, without a family and someone you love… it doesn’t make sense.”

Despite the distances and career obligations, these two have made it work wonderfully. Have your own love story? #bluenilesparkle and share it with us.


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