How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021


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The 14th of February is almost upon us and that means one thing: It’s time to celebrate LOVE. Despite all the challenges we are currently facing, Valentine’s Day is a chance to stop and reconnect with the one who makes your heart beat faster.

To get you inspired, we spoke to David Rose, Executive Chef of Omaha Steaks, the premium retailer of home-delivered gourmet meat, food, and wines, to share some expert tips for making this Valentine’s Day a romantic and meaningful occasion, even during a pandemic.

Love in the time of COVID-19

Usually, loved-up couples would be excited about the prospect of doing something special on Valentine’s Day. For some that might mean getting dressed up for a fancy dinner at their favorite restaurant, while for others, it could be taking a romantic weekend away to recharge and reconnect. Unfortunately, not all those things may be possible right now.

“With the ever-changing landscape of the world we live in, a lot of indoor dining options have been limited and or closed. The bustling reservations and packed restaurants are on pause—at least for the time being,” says Rose.

Even plans to spend Valentine’s Day at home can be hampered by a lack of access to the things you like. “Fewer visits to the grocery store during the pandemic means the at-home foodie has been forced to get more creative and look for ways to get quality food delivered to their door,” says Rose.

As we’ve learned over the past year, it’s all about cherishing what matters. “The one thing that hasn’t changed is the love you share for that special someone. Valentine’s Day is a day when you pull out all stops for that awesome person that puts more pep in your step and that extra sparkle in your eye,” says Rose.


Image Credit: Omaha Steaks

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2021

Even with the challenges of a global pandemic, you can still celebrate your love in a way that feels personal and meaningful to you. Here are six fun ways to mark Valentine’s Day in 2021.

Convert Your Home into a 5-star Steakhouse

You might not be stepping out to your favorite foodie destination for Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason you can’t recreate the same ambiance and culinary experience at home.

“Cooking together is a great bonding experience. The chance to unwind, decompress and have fun in the kitchen is always a lot of fun,” says Rose. “With quality meats, sides, desserts, and wines, delivered to your door, you can create delicious restaurant-quality memories at home by cooking for or with a loved one,” he says.

Whether you’re cooking together or just one of you is managing the kitchen duties, the most important thing is selecting top-quality food like meat, side dishes, and dessert. The easiest way to do this right now is through online ordering and home delivery.

“Omaha Steaks eliminate the guesswork for you and deliver great proteins, and ready-to-serve meals right to your doorstep. There’s no need to leave your house, wait in line, or get in your car,” says Rose.

Stuck on ideas for the menu? Rose has some inspiration…

“I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing screams decadence more than Surf & Turf,” he says. “Succulent, juicy, well-marbled steak, and the sweet snap, bite and texture of a perfectly cooked lobster tail—it doesn’t get any better than that!”

“With a home delivery from Omaha Steaks and my recipes found on the website, you’re guaranteed to make lifelong memories. And the best part is—no reservation required!”


Image Credit: Omaha Steaks

2. Order Food in from Your Favorite Restaurant

Want to leave the cooking to someone else? Why not order in from your favorite restaurant? Many venues have been forced to get creative during the pandemic and are offering home delivery or meal-kits, so you can experience your favorite dishes in the safety and comfort of your own home.

So, if you’ve got a craving for your favorite pasta dish or some Asian fusion food, give them a call and see if they can create a special Valentine’s Day meal.

And why not make it really special by creating the full experience? Use a beautiful table setting with candles and your best dinner and glassware, turn the lights down low, and put some of your favorite music on.

There’s also no reason why you can’t dress up. There have been very few opportunities to get glammed up over the past year, so have some fun by putting on your favorite clothes, some sparkly statement jewelry, and look the part!

3. Create a Romantic Pop-Up Day Spa

Let’s be honest, we’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes this year, and for some, that has meant a lot of time with our significant other. So, while the idea of more time together at home might not sound very exciting, there are ways to reignite the spark and make it special.

One fun and romantic way to spice things up is to set up your very own day spa. You’ll need the place to yourselves, some scented candles, lush-smelling bath oils, lovely lotions, and some fresh, fluffy towels. Make time for some intimacy by popping on some soothing music and giving each other a massage, followed by a relaxing bubble bath.

4. Set up a Backyard Cinema Under the Stars

What could be more romantic than snuggling up under the stars on a blanket with your special someone, and watching one of your favorite films together? To set up your backyard cinema, all you need is an outdoor projector and a screen—which can be professional like a hired cinema screen, or as simple as a large white sheet.

Set the mood with some comfy seating like bean bags or large throw cushions, as well as blankets to snuggle under if it gets cold (or if it’s a scary movie!). You could also use some lanterns for low lighting and an old pallet as a table for your snacks. Popcorn is a must, plus some candy for your sweetheart. You could also serve some sharing plates and wine to make it really special.

Now all that’s left is to choose a film you’ll both love—no fights, please!


5. Visit One of Your Favorite Spots in Nature

Life has been turned upside down over this past year, and many of us have found peace and fulfillment in being in nature. There is growing research around the positive mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature, so if you and your partner love the nourishing feeling of being in the great outdoors, why not spend Valentine’s Day in one of your favorite natural places?

Whether you take a hike up a mountain with a picnic to enjoy at the top (don’t forget to pack some chilled bubbles!), indulge in a refreshing swim at your favorite beach or lake, followed by a warming drink together, or drive to a little slice of heaven and take in the view from the car—there is no shortage of ways you and your soulmate can recharge and reconnect.

6. Join a Virtual Valentine’s Day Event

Fancy picking up some paintbrushes and getting creative together? Or maybe you’d like to taste some new wines or gins as part of a guided experience? During the pandemic, many businesses have pivoted their offerings online, so the world really is your oyster.

Think of some of your partner’s passions, and a quick search online should reveal some online experiences you can both enjoy from the comfort of your own home. The best part is—no traffic, no parking, and no masks!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is about showing the one you love how special they are to you. And while time spent together is the greatest gift of all, it doesn’t hurt to have something with a little sparkle up your sleeve. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.

Sparkling Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Heart-Shaped Jewelry: For the hopeless romantic


Say “I love you” with charming heart-shaped jewelry. From diamond-encrusted heart pendants to dainty love heart bracelets, there are styles to suit every hopeless romantic.

Birthstone Jewelry: For the personal touch

If your partner likes their birthstone, this can be a unique and personalized way to show you care on Valentine’s Day. Choose birthstone jewelry gifts including earrings, pendants, and rings.

Statement Jewelry: For show-stopping love


When you want to declare your love from the rooftops, only statement jewelry will do. From oversized gemstone pendants to Tahitian pearl necklaces, and diamond-encrusted tennis bracelets, these one-of-a-kind pieces are guaranteed to delight and dazzle.

Diamond Jewelry: The ultimate declaration of timeless love

No list of Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts would be complete without diamonds. Timeless and elegant, diamonds sparkle like no other stone on earth. From the dainty pavé diamonds in a delicate ring, to statement diamond stud earrings, there are endless styles, shapes, and cuts to suit all tastes and budgets.

Always make sure you are purchasing conflict-free, GIA certified diamonds. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our guide to buying diamonds.

Connect and be Grateful this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day might be a little different to those you remember, but it can still be the perfect opportunity to connect with your partner and celebrate the love you share.

Where you might have gone out to a restaurant, think about all the benefits of enjoying a beautiful meal at home. “Couples have a chance to have an intimate dining experience with just the two of them—no waiter, no menu, no car ride, no long reservation wait time—just you, your love, and your mouth-watering meal,” says Rose.

Whether you decide to spend it at home, outdoors, or online, we wish you a very special Valentine’s Day in 2021 and hope it’s filled with sparkling moments.


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