What to Wear for Engagement Photos

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Picking the perfect engagement photo outfit is a tough decision. We’ll help you choose an engagement session outfit that captures your personality and style with the ideal aesthetic.

So, you’ve picked the wedding photographer and figured out the setting. Now it’s time to plan your wardrobe to ensure a truly memorable experience, and that you walk away with photos that you can use for your save the date, and that show off your brilliant new engagement ring! For amazing photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime together, here are our top tips to help you find the perfect outfit for your engagement photo shoot.

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1. Get Personal

An engagement photo shoot is one of the most enjoyable ways for a newly-engaged couple to show off their love, and of course you want to look your best. Looking your best means sticking to your own innate sense of personal style. That’s naturally when we’re the most relaxed and comfortable and also the most photogenic. Have some engagement outfit ideas up your sleeve that are so you, through and through, and you’re halfway to the absolutely perfect engagement picture outfit.

Tried-and-true favorites might include those jeans that fit you perfectly, broken-in but spotless heels, and anything else that just feels right when you wear it. This is the number one tip for a reason: it’s the most important.

2. Don’t Clash Styles

Next on our list of great engagement outfit tips is another useful rule to follow: don’t clash. You should show up well-dressed to your engagement photoshoot, but you should also align both of your wardrobes in a complementary way. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page in terms of what mood and level of formality you’re going for. If it’s an informal shoot in the country, consider dark jeans, plaid, or low-key floral dresses. If you’re going formal in the city, both of you should dress the part.

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3. Choose Comfort

Being comfortable is closely linked with projecting confidence that will translate into a great photoshoot. A three-piece suit might sound attractive, but it’s not necessarily the most comfortable item. The same goes for a more formal dress. You should also keep in mind that you’ll have plenty of more formal, suit-and-gown wedding photos, so it’s a good idea to change it up when it comes to engagement outfits.

Try to balance high fashion with practicality, function, and the concept behind your engagement photos. Some couples prefer an active, fun aesthetic and if that’s your aim, it’s more important to dress comfortably without sacrificing subtle elegance.

Pro tip: pack an extra ensemble in case you want an outfit change.

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4. Think Setting

The setting of your engagement photo shoot can make or break how your photos turn out. Wear something that evokes the mood of the area, and that harmonizes with the time of day and season of your engagement shoot. One of the most popular seasons for engagement sessions is autumn with its iconic rural landscapes and the orange, yellow, and brown colors of fall leaves. Nice jeans and a plaid shirt or warm, stylish sweaters in neutrals and earth
tones are a good match for this setting.

Whatever you choose, consider what’s appropriate for the setting—temperature, lighting, season, etc. A good rule of thumb? Choose an outfit that you’d wear in that environment if it was any other day, just with a little more oomph.

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5. Consider Color Schemes

Say no to neon hues and hello to neutral colors, cool tones, and pastels. Regardless of your engagement photo shoot setting, you’ll want to go with a color scheme that will let you as a couple shine as the subject rather than the clothes. Choose neutrals and lighter hues like blush, light navy, gray, and tan.

In general, it’s often better to go with muted colors for photos and engagement shoots are no exception. Again, your clothes shouldn’t be the focus, they should simply be an element that highlights your love and commitment.

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6. Accessorize

If you do want to add in a bit of bold color, accessories are a great place to start. We love the
layered necklace look. Work in colorful or contrasting outfit accessories, but also don’t be afraid to stray from the standard definition of what an accessory is. Love your golden retriever? He’s a great candidate for an engagement photo accessory! Got a favorite straw hat? Bring it to your shoot as a fun prop. There’s no limit to accessorizing and what counts
as an accessory. It’s up to you how you want to add a bit of extra interest and uniqueness to your engagement photos

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7. Contrast and Complement

Matching is a dirty word to engagement photo wardrobe experts. A couple should steer clear of “matchy-matchy” outfits or patterns. Instead, work on balancing similarity with contrast so that your individual uniqueness is brought out. Getting this right can be tough, and it’s not necessary to totally coordinate your outfits, either. Aim for some common or complementary colors and textures. Keep it in mind, but don’t make it your whole focus.

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8. Set Trends

For couples with bolder and more defined style, there’s always the option of bucking tradition and trying something a bit different. Look for what’s in vogue, but within reason. Most of your engagement outfit selection process is about finding the perfect balance. As with all the other points on this list, stay within your comfort zone and don’t wear something way out of whatever ordinary means to you.

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9. Or Keep It Classic

For those interested in a classic or vintage style, you can always lean into tradition. There’s nothing wrong with the simple and iconic dress-for-her, suit-for-him style seen in photos from the 1960s and earlier. We like a dark, trim suit with simple, minimal lines and an understated dark tie over a crisp, white dress shirt. Combine that with an elegant dark or rich-colored dress with some contrasting color accessories and you have a winning combo
that’s timeless, elegant and tasteful.


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