How to Choose an Engagement Ring

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Infinity Twist Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum (1/4 ct. tw.)




Talk to any of our jewelers and they’ll say that they give their all to make every engagement ring that comes across their bench absolutely perfect—no matter the carat weight.

We sat down with one of our resident jewelry experts, graduate gemologist and Customer Service Manager, Debra Dolphin, and gleaned some tips to consider when purchasing an engagement ring.

Top Tip: Invest in the Center Diamond

You can go big or small with the setting, but your focus should be on the diamond. Our
Classic Six-Prong Engagement Ring in Platinum is a beautiful choice for less than $650. Plus, it matches almost any wedding band. That leaves you the bulk of your budget for a diamond, which this setting showcases well. You can always upgrade the setting later if you like.

Diamond engagement ring


Classic Six-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum

Focus on Cut and Carat

When buying an engagement ring, put your money into two of the 4Cs that the eye can see: cut and carat. Color and clarity are more difficult to discern. It’s not like someone is going to ask you what the clarity grade on your diamond is—unless they’re a diamond nerd. However, a higher cut grade will add more sparkle. And while carat size refers to the diamond’s weight, rather than its size, a higher carat weight generally means a larger diamond.

Save Money By Buying Shy

A diamond that’s just below a benchmark carat-weight, such as 0.49, saves you money. Trust us, you won’t be able to notice the difference in diamond size, but you will notice the difference in price.

Bonus: Smaller diamonds (under ¾ carat) tend to hide inclusions well—it’s one of the perks of less surface area.

Diamond engagement ring

Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Get Fancy

Most fancy shaped diamonds cost less than a round, which are more difficult for the diamond cutter to cut. And they often look larger than they really are.

Consider Strong Fluorescence

Not only it is a cool phenomenon when the black light is on at bowling night or at the roller rink, but it can save you 10 to 15 percent off the top.

Trade Up, Eventually

Don’t forget, we have a great Diamond Upgrade Program should you need it someday.


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