Diamond Jewelry Essentials: Classic Pieces for Everyday Style

While diamonds are often associated with marriage proposals and star-studded gala events, there are many classic styles of diamond jewelry that add a
brilliant accent to any mood or moment. As our Chief Merchandising Officer Katie likes to say: “Diamonds are always a good idea”—and her flair for wearing them
well, whether she’s dressed up for a meeting or sporting sneakers and jeans, supports that philosophy. Diamonds are versatile! Think of them as a
natural reflection of your own personality, perfect whenever extra sparkle suits your state of mind.

Diamond Rings for All Seasons and Reasons: Treat Yourself

You’re independent, you know what you want, and you’re free to go after it, which is why you don’t need to wait for a proposal to wear a diamond ring.
And if you are engaged, consider a stunning new favorite on your other hand. And what about other exciting achievements? Did you get a promotion? Run
a marathon? Complete a milestone project? Win an award? Publish a book? These are all reasons worthy of celebration. What reasons can you think of?
(Don’t forget the major reason: Because you’re fabulous!)

“Diamonds are like dessert. There’s always room for more!”

Diamond Earrings: Sparkling Special Effects

Sometimes a simple dress and a pair of diamond earrings is all you need, and a classic pair of halo studs is always a great choice. Another benefit of
classic diamond earrings, or any timeless piece, is that they can be worn for many generations. Diamonds never go out of style, and will always be
appreciated when the time comes to gift them to a lucky member of the family.

“You should only wear diamonds on days that end in Y”

The Perfect Diamond Necklace: That One Piece You’ll Never Want to Take Off

You know those super chic women who wear the same thing over and over again and it never gets boring because whatever they’re wearing is so utterly
them? Well, in our view, when you find a perfect diamond necklace with very simple-yet-elegant lines, that’s the kind of piece that can easily become
part of your signature look. Utterly chic. Absolutely perfect. Day after day after day. Sometimes you might wear it all on its own. Other times, make
it part of a layered look and wear it with other necklaces from your collection. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Whatever your diamond style, just remember: there are no rules. Diamonds are the ultimate everyday accessory, perfect for accenting your personal
beauty. We’d love to see your pics! Tag your essential diamond looks on Instagram with #bluenilesparkle.


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