The Best Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

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You’re about to celebrate the union of two people who mean the world to you as they exchange wedding rings and say “I do”. But how do you choose the perfect wedding gift? There are so many options out there, the task can feel daunting.

Personalized wedding gifts are a beautiful way to celebrate the happy couple in a special and meaningful way. Whether it’s a set of embossed leather stationery or some finely engraved jewelry, the personal touch of a customized gift is sure to be something they will cherish for a lifetime.

To get you inspired we spoke to seven gifting specialists who share their favorite personalized wedding gift ideas.

Why choose a personalized wedding gift?

Any wedding gift is a generous gesture, but we think adding that personal touch will make it all the more special. Here’s why…

It’s unique and memorable

The loved-up couple will no doubt receive multiple gifts on their wedding day, but something personalized will really stand out from the crowd. “Personalized wedding gifts are a memorable and unique way to celebrate the wedding couple,” says The Man Registry, the specialist men’s gifting retailer. “Standard wedding gifts will always be a nice choice, but a personalized gift customized to the wedding couple leaves a lasting impression,” they say.

And it doesn’t have to be something super expensive. By customizing an everyday item, you can give it added significance. “They are far more likely to treasure something created especially for them, even if it is another photo frame.” says the team at Signature Gifts, the personalized books and gifting specialist.

The couple will feel incredibly special

The soon-to-be-weds have no doubt put a huge amount of thought and effort into their wedding; reciprocating the sentiment with a truly meaningful gift is sure to make them feel loved and appreciated.

“What better feeling than seeing the couple open a treasured gift that adds smiles, laughter, stories, and memories to their special day,” says catstudio, who creates unique geographical art. “Taking the time to create a personalized gift shows you know the couple and want to celebrate their story with them.”

It will be cherished forever

Many of us have become more conscious of reducing waste and giving meaningful gifts that will last a lifetime. “More wedding guests are opting for that special personalized gift that the couple will remember and use for years to come,” says Signature Gifts.

The team at Scully & Scully, a purveyor of the world’s finest homewares and gifts, agrees. “With the growing popularity of handmade and artist-crafted e-commerce sites, so many people have fallen in love with the idea of personalization and the sentiment behind it. One-of-a-kind gifts that may later become a memento, or family heirloom, reflects the feelings of a wedding.”

It’s easier than ever

In the past, getting something monogrammed or personalized was hard work. “It’s now easier than ever to order a memorable and personalized gift from the convenience of your own home,” says Giving Assistant, the certified B Corp which helps shoppers save money and give back to charities.

Technology has also made personalized gifts a lot more accessible. “The internet has made it easier for businesses like ours to connect customers directly with our craftsmen. From placing an order, we typically make and ship our products within one business day,” says the team at MAHI, makers of custom handcrafted leather goods.

The best personalized wedding gift ideas

Now let’s get into the good stuff. Our gifting specialists share their top personalized wedding gifts for couples…

Entertaining: Gifts for the couple who love to socialize

With vaccines being rolled out and restrictions being eased in many places, couples who love to socialize will be thrilled to welcome friends and family back into their homes. Here are some perfect gifts for couples who love to entertain.

Personalized Beat Block Cell Phone Speaker

Searching for that perfect gift for the couple that’s passionate about music? The Personalized wooden beat block cell phone speaker from The Man Registry is a unique and portable music speaker that projects the sound of music from your cell phone. Personalize it with the couples’ names and wedding date—it’ll be a speaker they’ll love using in their home or poolside with friends.

BBQ Grilling Set with Personalized Bamboo Case

Image Credit: The Man Registry

We love this BBQ grilling set with personalized bamboo case from The Man Registry. Perfect for the couple that loves to cook and grill, this grilling set includes the essential BBQ tools in a sleek and sturdy personalized bamboo case. It’s the perfect combination of thoughtful, useful, and good-looking.

Personalized Wooden Party Beverage Trough

This personalized wooden party beverage trough from The Man Registry keeps beverages cool during a gathering or special night at home but also makes a great display piece when not being used as a cooler.

Personalized Sterling Silver Napkin Rings

Image Credit: Scully & Scully

An essential gift for any newlywed couple, these napkin rings from Scully & Scully are hallmarked sterling silver and handmade in England. They can also be engraved with the couples’ initials for that personal touch.

Sterling Silver and Crystal Champagne Bucket

This exclusive sterling silver and crystal champagne bucket from Scully & Scully makes a beautiful wedding gift. Hallmarked and handmade in England, it blends both traditional and contemporary designs allowing it to work seamlessly with any style of décor.

Homewares: Gifts for the couple who want to make their house a home

Help the happy couple make their house (or apartment) a home. Our partners have handpicked some of their favorite personalized gifts for the home.

Hand Embroidered Geographic Pillow

Image Credit: Catstudio

Do the soon-to-be-weds have a shared love of a special place? These hand-embroidered pillows from catstudio are the perfect gift idea. Want to make your gift even more personal? Consult with your local monogram shop to add custom embroidery to the back of the pillow such as the couple’s initials, wedding date, or a sweet note.

Personalized True Love Story Cushion

The message on this cushion couldn’t be any clearer: “A true love story never ends.” From Signature Gifts, this personalized cushion can be printed with the happy couple’s names and wedding date.

Personalized Bride & Groom Mug Set

Image Credit: Signature Gifts

Give the gift of a special morning ritual with these matching bride and groom mugs from Signature Gifts. Each partner’s name can also be painted on the inside of the mug.

Keepsakes: Gifts for the couple who want to cherish the moment

Weddings are all about creating beautiful memories so why not give the newlyweds something that will evoke those special moments every time they look at it? Here are some special keepsakes that are sure to spark joy.

Wedding Memory Box

The happy couple will treasure their big day forever with this beautiful wedding memory box from Signature Gifts. Have their names and a message engraved on the front.

3D Laser Printed Crystal Photo

Image: 3D Laser Gifts

What better way to celebrate the union of the newlyweds than with a beautiful image of them captured in time forever? These 3D laser crystals are created using a subsurface laser to make a tiny inclusion inside the piece. Millions of those points reproduce your favorite photo, inside a crystal of your choice.

3D Laser Gifts also have small crystals that can be given as a wedding party favor for the guests like a picture of the bride and groom inside a wine-stopper or keychain.

Engraved Sterling Silver Letter Opener

This silver letter opener is a customer favorite at Scully & Scully, perfect for a newlywed couple building their life together. It is handmade in England and hallmarked sterling silver with a stainless blade. Customers can have their engraving choice of a monogram or special date.

Jewelry & Accessories: Gifts for the stylish couple who want to express their love

Let the newlyweds wear their love with some personalized jewelry or accessories. From lockets to washbags, here are our favorite gift ideas.

Engravable Sweetheart Rose Gold Locket

Embrace the sentimental romance of a wedding with this personalized 14k rose gold heart locket from Blue Nile. The locket can hold two photographs, be engraved with the couple’s initials and wedding date, and features a delicate diamond detail on the front.

Personalized Leather Washbag

Image Credit: Mahi Leather

Whether it’s a beautiful leather washbag or a personalized cosmetics bag, we love these as a meaningful gift idea for newlyweds. MAHI has also introduced an internal embroidery option so you can include a message like the wedding date, song lyrics, names, or a quote. These are also great gifting ideas from the couple to the wedding party.

Armada Weekender Leather Bag

Why not have a beautiful leather overnight bag embroidered with their initials for the couple who love to get away from it all? We like this large one from MAHI.

Personalized Sterling Silver Money Clip

Simple and elegant, this sterling silver money clip from Blue Nile can be engraved with the recipient’s name or initials for that extra special touch.

How to choose the perfect custom wedding gift

When you’re having a gift custom-made, you want it to be just right because it most likely can’t be returned. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to purchasing personalized wedding gifts.

Do: Know the couple’s story

”Start with what you know about the couple,” says catstudio. “Where are they getting married or going on their honeymoon? Where did they meet? Where is each of them from? Go to school? Do they have a special place they like to vacation together? The couple is sure to treasure a gift that commemorates these special places that are a part of their story.”

Don’t: Feel tied to the registry

“Giving a personalized gift often means not shopping from their registry, so focus on finding a personalized gift that fits the wedding couple’s interests,” says The Man Registry. “Do they enjoy cooking, the outdoors, or entertaining? They will be thrilled to receive an unexpected personalized gift tailored to them.”

Do: Keep the couple’s personalities in mind

“If you were lucky enough to be invited to share their big day, you should know at least half of the couple very well,” says Signature Gifts. “Think about their personalities—would they prefer something humorous, or a more sentimental keepsake? Keep the couple in mind, and you won’t go wrong.”

Don’t: Make assumptions about the couples last name

If you plan to have the gift engraved, consider if the couple plans to share a last name, explains The Man Registry. “While it’s still common for one member of the couple to take the last name of the other, it shouldn’t be assumed. If you’re unsure and don’t feel comfortable asking, we suggest personalizing the gift with the first names of the couple and/or their wedding date. This avoids personalizing an item with a single last name only to find out they don’t plan to go by a joint name.”

Do: Check your spelling!

“Do your research and check for accuracy including spelling, and. don’t reveal any private or sensitive information,” says Giving Assistant. MAHI also points out that not everybody likes to use their full initials. “For example, they might have an embarrassing middle name that nobody knows about, so it’s a good idea to check with the recipient if possible,” they warn.

Don’t: Leave it till the last minute

Although it’s much faster to have customized gifts made these days, it’s still advisable to give yourself enough time, says MAHI. “Order early—this leaves plenty of time in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order.”

Do: Know the returns policy

Usually, personalized gifts are not returnable, so Scully & Scully advises that timeless, classic gifts such as sterling silver napkin rings or a sterling silver frame would be safe and beautiful options.

Don’t: Be afraid to ask for more options

“If what you are looking for doesn’t appear on a site, ask if they can custom make it for you,” says MAHI. “For example, our products can be made in most color leathers that we offer and we also have a variety of thread options.”

Celebrate a unique love story

No two couples are the same and no two wedding presents have to be the same either. By reflecting on the story of the couple you are celebrating, you can choose a truly personal gift that uniquely honors their love. It’s bound to bring a smile to their face and joy to their hearts for years to come.

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