The Best Engagement Gift Ideas


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There’s nothing more exciting than getting the news that two love birds have become engaged! After you’ve let out a squeal, done a little dance and “oohed” over the engagement ring, it’s time to think about how you will celebrate and honor these two people who are so special to you.

Choosing a beautiful and meaningful engagement gift will help make this unique time even more memorable. But, with so many options out there, the task of finding the best engagement gift might feel overwhelming.

To help inspire you, we spoke to seven gifting specialists who share their insights on what makes a good engagement gift and some of their favorite engagement gift ideas.

What makes a good engagement gift?

It’s a personalized gift

Any engagement gift from someone you love is special, but adding a personal touch will make it even more significant. Brooklyn-based contemporary calligraphy studio, Paperfinger, believes that “personalized gifts such as handwritten notes or personalized text are always uniquely beautiful and meaningful.”, a platform that helps you create collaborative video montages, says that the best engagement gifts come straight from the heart and inspire tears of joy. “While traditional household items from the registry are appropriate for the actual wedding day, the engagement provides a perfect opportunity to shower the couple with something sentimental,” they say.

It’s a meaningful gift

An engagement is the perfect opportunity to give the happy couple something that will hold a special place in their hearts. Think about the couple’s personalities, lifestyle and journey as a couple—you’re sure to find something that will strike just the right chord. UrbanStems, an online marketplace selling one-of-a-kind flower arrangements, believes a thoughtfully curated gift goes a long way. “Giving an engagement gift is a great way to take part in a special moment in your loved ones’ lives,” they explain.

It’s a memorable gift

The loved-up couple will no doubt receive several gifts upon announcing their engagement, but there are certain gifts that will stay with them forever. Why not give them something they will think of with joy for years to come?

“Gifting them something meaningful that will help them explore their love is a sure way to show you care about their future,” says DateBox Club, which delivers high-quality, creative date nights in a box. “Love and connection are a foundation for their new life and a gift that celebrates this will be adored,” they say.

It will be cherished forever

Giving a meaningful engagement gift means it will last a lifetime. With the shift towards sustainability and a greater appreciation of quality, it’s no surprise that engagement gifts intended to be treasured forever are a preferred choice over something disposable.

The team at agrees: “Whether it’s a beautiful montage of clips from distant family and friends, or you choose to shower the couple with sage marriage advice from their peers, a message is a gift that they can continue to enjoy for years to come,” they say.

The best engagement gift ideas


ImageCredit: UrbanStems

With an engagement party around the corner, it’s time to celebrate! Our gifting specialists share their top engagement gift ideas for couples about to begin their married journey together.

Gift ideas for the home

A couple’s home is their haven and a space they will cherish now and throughout their marriage. Here are some of the best gifts for the home.

Happily ever after keepsake


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Would you like to give the happy couple something to remind them of their love? This Art Heart from Demdaco is a perfect choice. It is a beautiful keepsake with a simple design and gold writing that can hang or stand with the attached key easel. The heart is a touching reminder of the special moments past and the precious ones to come.

Your arms wall art

Art is a beautiful addition to any home, and Demdaco’s wall art is a lovely choice for the happy couple. The artwork features a delicate portrait of a couple in love. The simplicity and neutrality of this piece, which is inspired by pebbles and sea glass, makes it easy to coordinate with all styles of home décor.

For comfort lovers

For the couple who loves to snuggle, these gifts will help them reach peak comfort levels.

Silk pillowcase


Image Credit: Blissy

One of our favorite gifts for couples is something they can use in their home, like a set of luxury linens. The Blissy 100% silk pillowcase is a classic and timeless gift that any couple will cherish. This handmade pillowcase is natural and hypoallergenic, offering benefits for the hair, skin, and overall health—what could be better?

Super soft blankets


Image Credit: Minky Couture

Who doesn’t love snuggling with their soulmate under a cozy new blanket? One of Minky Couture’s famously soft blankets is a special gift that is luxurious and practical. Get the happy couple a monster or grande size, so there are no fights over who has the most blanket on movie nights! You can even order a customized blanket with the couple’s names embroidered on it.

For making memories

Getting engaged signifies the beginning of a lifetime together, so why not give the soon-to-be-weds the gift of beautiful memories? Here are some gifts that the couple will be sure to hold onto forever.

An Engagement Video


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The best engagement gifts come straight from the heart, and the engagement provides a perfect opportunity to shower the couple with something sentimental. One of our favorite choices is via, which allows friends and family to collaborate on a group video that includes heartfelt messages from afar, funny stories, and warm wishes.

Custom Moon Prints


Image Credit: Paperfinger

Commemorate a special day by gifting the couple a pair of Custom Moon Prints by Paperfinger. Order prints for the couple showing the moon phase of their birthdays, framed side-by-side. It is a beautiful way to honor each of them as individuals and as a couple that’s sure to receive pride of place in their home.

Creative date night


Image Credit: DateBox Club

One of the secrets of successful marriages is creating time to connect. Why not give the couple the gift of a creative date night with DateBox Club? Choose how many date nights you’d like to give, then they will deliver everything the couple needs to have a great evening of love, laughs and connection.

Gifts with sparkle

Why not consider giving some beautiful jewelry as an engagement gift for something personal and meaningful that stands the test of time? Here are our top picks.

Sterling silver cufflinks


If you’re considering some sparkle for the groom-to-be, these Rectangular Sterling Silver Cufflinks could be the perfect gesture. The subtle but sophisticated design is timeless and they can even be engraved with the groom’s initials.

Lab-grown pink diamond round stud earrings


If you’d love to give the gift of diamonds but are looking for a more affordable option, some beautiful lab-grown diamond jewelry could be an elegant choice that will stand the test of time. Help the bride-to-be feel that extra bit special with 14k Rose Gold Stud Earrings. Each lab-grown diamond is crafted to the highest standards and inscribed with an invisible mark of quality.

How to choose the best engagement gift: dos and don’ts

Whether this is the very first engagement gift you’ve bought or the 100th, here are some general points of etiquette to make the process smooth and stress-free.

Do: Know the couple’s personalities

“When choosing an engagement gift, make sure to tailor the gift to the couple at hand,” says UrbanStems. “Choose a gift that suits their personalities and lifestyle.” Ask yourself what they like, their unique and combined interests, and you’re bound to find a perfect gift.

Don’t: Be afraid to think outside the box

“Think back to what you know about the couple and cater the gift to their lifestyle,” says Blissy. “Resist the temptation to buy traditional wedding gifts, like a coffee maker. Trust us—they are likely to receive four of those before the wedding bells ring,” they say.

Do: Keep it personal

The team from Paperfinger suggests that the gift doesn’t need to be elaborate. “It’s about sharing in the excitement and showing your love and support for the relationship. Write a note by hand—it goes a long way and can be a lifelong keepsake,” they say.

Demdaco also advises, “When selecting an engagement gift, try finding an item that’s unique to the couple’s journey—anything that details their story shows your gift came from the heart.”

Don’t: Leave it too late

Leaving your engagement gift to the very last minute will show in the final product as it will lack consideration and personalization, explains Minky. “Make sure to choose something thoughtful that has a personal touch or meaning for the couple.”

Celebrate newfound love

The engagement period is such an exciting time for any couple and the perfect opportunity for family and friends to support them and their future through meaningful gestures, including gifts. No two couples are the same, but a gift that’s given from the heart is always sure to be joyfully received.


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