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Low Dome Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum (6mm)
Low Dome Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum (6mm)
Modern and durable, this platinum wedding ring has a substantial feel, squared sides, and a rounded interior surface for comfortable wear.
4.7 out of 5 (77 Reviews)
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4.7 out of 5 (77 Reviews)
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Very comfortable fit
Mark - 
Fit perfectly
Marc - 
A fantastic value
Weighty, comfortable, and all I was looking for!
Anonymous - 
Always outstanding web and delivery service. Thanks
Douglas - 
The ring is gorgeous.
I think you have great customer service and I have really enjoyed working with your company.
Tracy - 
Very comfortable.
Fits perfect and feels great.
Anonymous - 
Beautiful ring, but minor scratch...
It looks beautiful, but there is a slight scratch on the side of it upon arrival. I will return it to have that fixed.
Anonymous - 
Developed a somewhat abused looking patina
I like the width of this ring; a narrower ring would seem unsubstantial. Although platinum matches my wife's engagement ring and wedding band, the width here (and lack of sparkly gems) seems to show abuse more readily. Although platinum developing a "patina" was advertised, I was surprised at how quickly the ring scratched up. On wedding day, it was a shiny silvery ring. Just a few days later, a few disturbing scratches appeared. Months later it looks a bit abused, not quite what I expected. I regret not choosing a more durable material.The comfort fit ring fits well. It was surprisingly more expensive than non-comfort alternatives when I purchased it, perhaps unjustifiably so.
Anonymous - 
Perfect Ring. Photo is missleading.
The ring itself is beautiful, the quality is excellent, and it looks and feels great on. But, we needed to exchange it for a half size smaller. We had my fiance measured at three different places to confirm, so we found that odd. We were thinking maybe the comfort fit does something the size.However, the return process was seamless.A word of caution, the photo looks like a satin or matte finish compared to all the other platinum ones. It is not. It's very shiny, which was fine, we were just not expecting it. Fortunately, I have a very easy going fiance :) I am giving it a 4 star represented and the sizing issues.
Anonymous - 
My husband loves the ring! Can't expect more! I am happy that he enjoys this ring. Thank you!
Anonymous - 
We love our platinum low dome comfort fit wedding bands.
The ring was as expected from the photos on the website. We found this same style available at a store in town but we weren't able to view it before buying it and we couldn't get our money back if we didn't like it. The store's price for this ring was almost twice the price of this one 6mm from Blue Nile. We don't know the gram weight of the store ring to compare it to the Blue Nile ring but I can't imagine the store bought ring weighing more or much more to pay twice as much as they are both 6mm wide rings. The inscription was done very nicely. We are very please with his wedding band from Blue Nile.
tammy - 
Manly Ring - Best Customer Service
Love the look of this ring; it's beautiful. It's it has a wide and very masculine look, which does take a bit of getting used to over smaller rings. The service we got from Blue Nile is just incredible. I had them over night rings all over the place and they got us everything we needed during our four day engagement and subsequent, last minute, July 4th Vegas wedding. I'd recommend them just on their service alone, but I got the engagement ring from them, too, and diamond for diamond, they had the best price of any of the other online retailers I checked. I will say that this ring was a little more than it was at one other place I looked, but who knows if this ring has more platinum in it (and it wasn't enough to make me go with the other retailer given the rush I was in).
KEN - 
Nice all round wedding band
This is a very nice and comfortable men's wedding ring. The low dome provides a contemporary look while still maintaining an uncomplicated, classic wedding band appearance. (Doesn't look like a fashion ring, etc.) Additionally, it's robust and has a nice weight to it.
Eric - 
Good weight, fit, and look.
Anonymous - 
Sleek and modern looking
I'm not big on jewelry besides wearing a watch (if you consider that jewelry), so I wanted something that was sleek and not too traditional. The ring looks great in person and fit like a glove.
Fernando - 
This is a beautiful ring. My husband loves it!
Linda - 
Perfect-- Eactly what we were looking for
We love this ring, it was pretty much exactly what we were looking for. The low dome style was the perfect middle ground between really rounded and totally flat. The comfort fit is great. The 6mm width is perfect-- a few of our (guy) friends had separately warned us away from anything narrower. We had found a very, very similar band by a designer and it was well over twice as much, so this is a great value. One thing to note, the ring itself has a high polish so it's shiny, which doesn't come across in the illustration of it on this site. That wasn't a problem for us since he found that he liked the look, also it'll "matte up" with time. Anyway, a local jeweler could give a ring like this a high polish or a matte finish in about 15 seconds, so if we change our minds down the road it's no big deal. Basically it's a great, attractive band that is a great choice if the guy prefers a simple, straightforward look that really highlights the platinum and the ring itself. Love it!
Anonymous - 
The ring is gorgeous and fits like a glove!
Melissa - 
Excellent value for great quality
Very pleased with our rings, Blue Nile to the rescue one more time!
Anonymous - 
Great ring! Great shopping experience, thank you!!
Anonymous - 
Exceptionally beautiful and great quality. Engraving looks great and it was the best value I found! I know he is going to love it!
Ariana - 
The ring was perfect
We turned to Blue Nile after looking in a number of jewelry stores, locally and on our travels, to find what we wanted. Nothing was satisfactory. This ring was perfect and the Blue Nile service was exceptional.
Anonymous - 
Nice plaine band Heavy
Very nice ring, at first we ordered a size 9 and it was a littel tight so we returned it with no hassle. Received 2nd with in 10 days.It was funny since ring just went up in price I am happy I bought at the right time :) Its plain but nice weight.!!!!
Robert L - 
Fast service - wonderful ring!
My fiance loved his ring - it fit perfectly! Even though I had the ring engraved, it still arrived within two days. Plus, I had done a lot of online shopping before I bought the ring, and this was the absolute best price. Thank you so much!
Karisha - 
A top quality ring.
This ring is perfect, and the price was exceptional.
Jennifer - 
wonderful looking ring, but it turned out to be too plain for my fiance so we ordered the hammered milgrain platinum band instead. The return process is excellent and fast! I am very pleased with blue nile!
Dorothy - 
He really like it, it's elegant and comfortable
Lyne - 
Substantial ring
Very nice ring, especially if you are looking for something simple. Fits well on a large hand. However, due to its substantial size and weight, it is quite noticeable when wearing, especially for someone not used to wearing jewelry. Other than that, flawless craftsmanship.
Anonymous - 
Wonderful experience
Blue Nile is WONDERFUL to work with! They are extremely fast (two days with no extra charge for delivery) and they had the exact right I had found at a boutique store in Austin for less than half of the price!
Anonymous - 
Great shopping experience!!
Good value for your money. Quality as advertised. We would recommend though, to confirm the ring size by an expert. Sales agents were very friendly and helpful during the exchange process. We were very pleased with the overall shopping experience.
weber - 
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4 out of 5 (1 Review)

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