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Signature Emerald Cut Diamond
Signature Emerald Cut Diamond
The top 1% of all diamonds in the world, hand selected and cut to our most exacting standards. Our Signature round diamonds are cut with perfect proportions for maximum brilliance.
4.9 out of 5 (75 Reviews)
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4.9 out of 5 (75 Reviews)
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An absolutely stunning diamond. Emerald cuts don't sparkle like a round cut, but they have incredable fire. My ring is everything I thought it was going to be and more!
She better say yes...
My woman wanted something simple. I wanted the diamond to be the star in the ring. It truly is.
This diamond is simply flawless to the naked eye and due to its characteristics, is extremely difficult to photograph properly. The price was also key: I got a larger diamond with higher quality for less money than a friend of mine did who had purchased a ring through a local store. Of course, I also have the conflict-free guarantee from Blue Nile. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
Anonymous - 
The diamond is stunningly beautiful.
Anonymous - 
Loves the ring, but........
Experience and ring were great. My now girlfriend loved the engagement ring, but was concerned about the tiny diamonds around the base of the ring, so we send it back and ordered another. My only complaint with Blue Nile was the $150 shipping charge I incurred. An engagement ring is a "guess" and most men aren't good at this. I spend $12,000 and it seems silly that I am being charged a large amount to ship it back. Thx. TS
Anthony - 
My fiance LOVES her engagement ring and she has already received many compliments from complete strangers on it. She also loved that I spent the time to pick out the right diamond and setting. I've become a bit of a diamond "expert" during the process of buying an engagement ring and I knew nothing about diamonds prior. By shopping at Blue Nile, I was able to get a bigger and better quality diamond for the same price I was going to spend at one of the chain stores. I was also very pleased with the 1-2 day turnaround time on the ring from the time it was built from the diamond I selected until it was in my hands. One of the chain stores I visited said 6-8 weeks just to have it sized! Thank you Blue Nile for a great purchasing experience and for a happy fiance, I'll be coming back for anniversary gifts!
Anonymous - 
Loves the engagement ring!
Found many more diamonds on this site than on any other. And I searched for a while. The delivery was exceptionally fast although I had to get it resized and it takes a lot longer. Seems strange to get it here in 1 day but to resize it takes 2 weeks. But overall I was extremely pleased with my Blue Nile experience.
Joshua - 
I purchased an engagement ring and wedding band a few weeks ago. The ring was better than expected. Just to be sure everything was legit, I took it to a local jewelry store to get it appraised. They told me that it Blue Nile has an outstanding reputation, and that there was no need to pay for an additional appraisal. They agreed with the Blue Nile appraisal. I gave here the ring this last weekend and she loved it. I couldn't be happier with the service.
Anonymous - 
Good experience, lovely ring.
I bought the ring as a gift for myself. The consultants I spoke with were very helpful and advised getting the Signature cut. I think it was the right choice for me.
Patricia L - 
Exceptional diamond
The ring is beautiful and the diamond was independently appraised for much more than we paid for it- even the jeweler said it was an exceptional diamond!
Sean - 
she loved her ring
Exceptional professional service and selection I couldn't believe how easy the operator made it to make a purchase and answer my questions and how professional everyone was I would highly recommend all my friends and family to shop Blue Nile first thank you for making our special day unforgettable. JC
Jason - 
She love it! Thanks Blue nile!
I went with the Emerald cut!
Anonymous - 
Loves it !!
It was a leap of faith on my part spending a large amount on a diamond ring over the internet, but the ring speaks for itself.
Murray - 
My wife was almost speechless
All of the stones were of very high quality, but the Signature Emerald was everything I hoped it would be.
Gary - 
good service
Very nice ring and diamond. Very happy with customer service. Was concerned when I saw some of the reviews but they were extremely helpful.
Gregory - 
She can't stop staring at it.
We picked out the ring together, and it's as beautiful as we had hoped it would be. The center emerald-cut diamond is stunning and so sparkly. When we walk down the street she doesn't like me to hold her left hand because she doesn't want me to cover up the ring!
She was speechless, and she is never speechless...
My fiancee loved it; she said it was the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen.
Perfect Engagement Ring
Couldn't be happier with it. I was a little nervous not being able to see the ring before I bought it. It was amazing though. I knew she'd love it as soon as I first saw it, and she did.
Christopher - 
Exceptional service and value
Based on Blue Nile's outstanding reputation, I bought an engagement ring on line, sight unseen, from their site. I (and my wife) could not be more delighted with the ring itself and the customer service that attended the purchase. The agent, withough prompting, pointed me to less expensive rings than my original selection, and was extraordinarily helpful in discussing value and cost for the alternatives. Staff is polite, knowledgeable and generous with time. 5 star review
Michael - 
I love my new diamond ring!!
This is the second purchase from Blue Nile and I am extremely satisfied! We purchased a Signature Ideal cut Emerald set in platinum for our 20th wedding anniversary. We had purchased a band 2 years ago for our 18th; now I have the complete set. I am so pleased with our purchase; the diamond and setting looked even more brilliant in person!!!
Donna - 
The stone is absolutely perfect and the setting really spotlights the sparkle of the stone.
Anonymous - 
Cut over Caret - Take a better cut over a higher caret... she will thank you for it!
Put it this way; the signature cuts made all the difference. Other women comment my fiance's ring, saying "how white it is" and how much it shines/blings! I have learnt a valuable lesson in regards to diamonds - Caret weight isn't everything, the cut/colour does make a difference. If in doubt, I believe you are better off going for a better cut of diamond e.g. Blue Nile's signature cut, over a larger caret. A diamond should sparkle, not just look big!
Ben - 
Absolutely Stunning... Gorgeous Ring for My Darlin
My now fiancee ABSOLUTELY LOVED this ring. She has had it for a few weeks now and gets comments on it everywhere she goes. The Emerald and its perfect cut make it SPARKLE beautifully. I could understand how some may be skeptical by placing an order online with BlueNile, but their customization engine and detailed information won't steer you in the wrong direction.
This is a fantastic ring and completely exceeded my expectations. My fiancee was so excited and impressed by the beauty and sparkle of the diamond.
Jeffery - 
More beautiful than I thought it would be
My signature emerald diamond was more than I expected it to be. The cut and clarity were unbelievable. I had visited to jewelry stores and did not see the quality that Blue Nile offers. I must admit that I was very nervous about buying such a large purchase on-line and sight unseen......but no longer. I will make future purchases based on Blue Nile's quality and service.
Desiree T - 
I bought a signature emarald-cut diamond engagement ring and I was extremely satisfied with its quality and value. My fiance loved the ring and she was really impressed with its beauty and brilliance. The custumer service was outstanding and I highly recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring or any other jewelry.
Anonymous - 
I went through quite an ordeal trying to convince my wife to let me buy her a nice 25th anniversary ring. In fact, we went through two less expensive rings before I was able to convince her to let me buy a Signature Emeral Cut Diamond in a Platinum setting. Am I glad she finally agreed! We are both extremely pleased with the purchase. The diamond is brilliant and we can't quit looking at it: it is beautiful. And the Blue Nile Customer Service - exceptional! We odered the ring at 1:30 and received it before noon the next day. Awesome product, awesome service, awesome price. Thank you Blue Nile.
Brian - 
She absolutely loved the engagement ring
The Signature Emerald-Cut Diamond was absolutely stunning. The sapphires in the setting were a perfect match. The quality of the product was better than I saw at some very "trendy" shops. I feel I got an excellent quality product at a very good price. I am glad I chose Blue Nile.
Harold - 
Fiance delighted with sparkle
My fiance loved the Signature Emerald-Cut diamond ring when I gave it to her. However, she did not fully appreciate how much the diamond sparkled until she saw it in the sunlight the next day. She could not stop showing off her ring to everyone.
Dean Everett - 
The diamond sparkles like no other!
The Emerald signature cut diamond is absolutely beautiful and worth the money! The diamond sparkles like no other.
George - 
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