Blue Nile Signature Asscher-Cut Diamonds

A Blue Nile Signature Asscher-cut diamond starts with the finest uncut diamond rough available. To achieve the Asscher-cut's classic squared look, master diamond cutters cut the rough with exacting proportions to get absolutely perfect length-to-width ratios.

Signature Asscher-Cut Standards

Crown Height:
L/W Ratio:
Square (1.0-1.05)
Depth %:
Table %:
EX to VG
EX to VG

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Maximum Brilliance

Maximum Brilliance

With wider corners, this diamond's eight sides can capture more light from all angles to produce the pattern of repeated squares distinctive of this beautiful diamond. To create maximum brilliance, the Blue Nile Signature Asscher-cut features a crown height greater than 10%. This creates a smaller table and larger crown facets that capture and return more light. In addition, Blue Nile Signature Asscher-cut diamonds over 2 carats feature a culet, which enhances the face-up appearance on larger diamonds.
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