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Collection Signature Blue Nile
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  Beautiful Ring
I received excellent customer care from Blue Nile. My beautiful ring came quick and it was perfect!! The ring sparkles amazingly. I will definitely be ordering our wedding rings from here. I highly recommend it to all!
VALERIA M., REGO PARK NY  – 2014-07-29

  Love the Diamond!
The diamond is exceptional. I had it placed into a ring purchased locally, and they even said that there was no way they could beat the price. They admitted that I got a fabulous deal and that the diamond is excellent quality.
Jacqueline, Park City IL  – 2014-07-27

  custom engagement ring
Diamond is beautiful, we both love it!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-24

  It's a Y-E-S!!! :) she loved the ring!
The signature round diamond on a Petite Engagement setting exceeded my expectations. The actual ring looks way better than it did on the website's photos. And yes, i mean YES, thats what I got and she loved how classic and elegant it looks. 2 words - Mission Accomplished! :) Thanks Blue Nile, will definitely come back for future diamond purchases!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-23

  Beautiful sparkling engagement ring
I bought a an ideal cut princess diamond and the sparkle and size far exceeded my expectations. The ring was beautful and my fiance loved it!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-21

  Great engagement ring
I was very happy with the entire experience!! My lady's face light up when she saw the brilliant looking diamond!
FRED, OVERLAND PARK KS  – 2014-07-18

  Engagement ring is perfect.
Diamond we even better than expected. Absolutely stunning. Delivery was a day and follow through from Blue Nile was exceptional. Will definitely be purchasing from here again.
Michael C, Dubuque IA  – 2014-07-16

My wife loves it. Perfect!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-09

I'm glad I went with the Signature cut. I get tons of compliments. One thing is though is that the stone doesn't seem like it's set correctly in the ring. it might be slanted slighted. hardly noticeably but I considered sending it back for adjustment.
Anonymous  – 2014-07-07

  Excellent buy!
I was a bit nervous buying a Diamond Engagement Ring online, however Blue Nile's quality, coupled with their excellent educational readings helped make the purchase one I did not regret. The diamond looked great, and because of the educational readings from Blue Nile, I even decided to go with a smaller carat size, but a better cut! =))
Vito, Brooklyn NY  – 2014-07-07

  Happy endings and new beginnings
I know little about diamonds. I informed myself about them online and on the blue Nile website. Based on customer satisfaction and price I made an easy decision, and best of all she loved it and better still, she said YES! !
Simon, MONTRÉAL QC  – 2014-06-30

Very easy to use, great selection, easy to compare options and see what the end product will look like.
Anonymous  – 2014-06-29

  she loves me, and she really likes the ring.
Gorgeous ring, prompt delivery, easy to use site.
Anonymous  – 2014-06-28

  She LOVES it - "So Beautiful"
James, Lake Orion MI  – 2014-06-26

  Stunning product that sparkles on all occasions
I chose quality over quantity, and our signature diamond sparkles on all occasions, and easily outshines others when compared. It's colorless grading (IF / E)also seems to give it an edge over others we have looked at, but I am equally sure you could go to a V VS2 / I and not see the difference if you wanted a bit more rock for your budget. The sales person was extreamly helpful, and understanding when it came to dealing with a lack of information due to us men trying to surprise our loved ones. I had the ring delivered to my work address as Blue Nile is sympathetic to the surprise aspect required on these occasions, and delivery was exactly when specified, with email updates and easy tracking. While I was a bit worried about buying unseen, if you choose higher clarity and cut, other peoples ideas of "eye clean" compared to yours are not an issue.I have had an excellent experience with Blue Nile and happily recommend them to others.
Roger, Farnborough Hampshire  – 2014-06-24

  Perfect brilliance and she can't stop staring
The cut brings out brilliance to a T.
STEPHEN, HOUSTON TX  – 2014-06-23

She Loved It!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-20

I love it
Anonymous  – 2014-06-19

Best price
Anonymous  – 2014-06-17

  Perfect Upgrade
This was bought as an upgrade for my wife's engagement ring, we married young and had little money, this was the perfect upgrade!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-16

  Grab your sunglasses its shiny!
Brightest and most brilliant diamond I have seen in an engagement ring. Very Impressive!
Michael, AURORA IL  – 2014-06-16

  Signature Ideal diamond exceeded expectations
My fiancee was interested and hinted at a certain other brand name diamond advertised for its fire and brilliance. Having dealt with Blue Nile, and been very pleased, I selected a Signature Ideal cut diamond which was about one quarter carat larger, one color grade higher, and one clarity grade higher than the comparable brand name diamond, at roughly 20% less in price. Blue Nile consultant Melissa spent time discussing my desire to have a diamond with suitable fire and brilliance, and confirmed that the setting I chose would work well, and assured me that if did not meet expectations it could be returned within the allowed period. When I presented the ring to my fiancee, she was delighted, loved it, and needless to say, has no intention of returning it. The reports which accompanied the diamond were very thorough and comprehensive.
Anonymous  – 2014-06-14

  Exceptional Diamond and Service!
I did my research and shopped at a number of jewelry locations, but nothing could compare to the awesome deal i got through Blue Nile. I was able to design my own 1ct. princess cut diamond engagement ring [Signature cut, I color, IF Clarity] in a cathedral pave platinum setting. I just received it yesterday and it was gorgeous. Simply because the IF clarity and Signature cut to me made all the difference in the sparkle and character behind this ring. The customer service agents at blue nile were fantastic, they answered the many questions I had, called my back with answers when they were uncertain and helped my through this nerve wrecking process. Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-14

  Beautiful and a Bargain
Beautiful ring. My fiance loves it. It was fantastic value for money compared to high street jewelers. Quick delivery and came with all relevant documents.
Adam, Pontefract West Yorkshire  – 2014-06-11

  My fiance loves her ring!
The ring I ordered blew my mind. It is beautiful, within my budget, and exceeded any expectations I had.

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