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White Gold Necklaces

The refined profile of a white gold necklace will elevate any ensemble, adding nuanced elegance that only white gold can offer. White gold infinity necklaces represented your everlasting dedication to someone, something or yourself, while white gold pendant necklaces pair beautifully with a floor-sweeping evening gown.


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FAQs about White Gold Necklaces

White gold chains are very durable, and do not break easily. White gold is made from yellow gold and a mixture of other metals which create the pale colour and also strengthen the jewellery. To increase the durability of your white gold necklace, you can choose 14k white gold instead of 18k white gold. 14k white gold has a higher content level of those metals which increase durability.

All of the 14k white gold that we carry is authentic. White gold is made up of mostly yellow gold with a mixture of white metals to create the desired colour. It is then plated with rhodium to create an even paler colour, but it is still real white gold.

Sterling silver and white gold may appear similar to the naked eye, but white gold is a better choice for jewellery. White gold doesn't tarnish, and it's much more durable than silver. Silver jewellery will darken over time, especially when exposed to moisture. It's also much more malleable and can bend and scratch easier than white gold.

White gold is a durable material ideal for wearing every day. 14k white gold in particular is long-lasting, and will stand up to daily wear. Rhodium-plated white gold may need to be replated from time to time, but these precious metal necklaces can still be worn endlessly.

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