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Treat her to the brilliance and the unique allure of a radiant-cut engagement ring. This diamond features a brilliant cut pattern along the crown and pavilion that results in 70 facets for ultimate light reflection. Shop the entire selection of radiant-shaped engagement rings available at Blue Nile to create a custom design that will be loved for a lifetime.


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FAQs about Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Radiant-shaped engagement rings feature a centre diamond with a brilliant, 70-facet pattern for captivating reflection of light.

As with most fancy-cut diamonds, radiant engagement rings can cost up to 25% less than a round engagement ring with a centre stone of equal carat weight and quality.

Both radiant-cut diamonds and cushion-cut diamonds offer a square shape. They differ in their cut patterns. Radiant diamonds are a combination of a faceted pavilion and a geometric table, and they have 45-degree corners. Cushion cuts are a modified brilliant cut with rounded corners.

A radiant-cut is a versatile look that is ideal for a variety of different settings, but a setting with baguette or round sidestones provides a sparkling look.

Top Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Reviews

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Review

Radiant Engagement

This was the easiest process ever, I'm not a jewellery guy. I came in this knowing nothing, but the website was simple and choosing my diamond was easy, and also the setting. My now fiancee loves it she cannot stop showing it off. The quantity of the diamond also was great.
Terrence N. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Classic Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring

14k White Gold


Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Review

1.52 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond w/ 18K Good Pave Riviera Setting.

Wonderful product. For being a VS2 Diamond it was perfectly clean to the naked eye, had great shine and finish, and great depth and symmetry. My new fiancée was ecstatic when she saw it. I would highly recommend speaking to a Blue Nile gemmologist. They are very well educated and will help you make your best decision.
John P. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Riviera Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

18k Yellow Gold (0.15 ct. tw.)


Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Review

Sparkling Dreams

Smiles never sparkled so much without diamonds. Eyes bright more with diamonds happiness! Radiant women sparkle with diamonds! Gods jewels are diamonds built in heaven for princesses.
Haidy C. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum (0.24 ct. tw.)



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