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Customer Feedback Guidelines

Here are some suggestions to help you write the most useful feedback. Follow these guidelines, and your feedback may be selected to be displayed on our Web site.

Your Jewellery Rating

The jewellery rating will be very important to other customers and will be prominently displayed on our site. Please carefully consider the quality, beauty, and value of the item you ordered and rate it based on these scores:

Your Feedback

Elaborate on why you chose the rating you selected. Imagine you're sending a helpful note to a friend who is trying to choose a gift. Please include enough detail to help your friend make the right decision.


Your Blue Nile Rating

Please rate your overall experience as a Blue Nile customer. Your comments can help customers in considering their purchase with Blue Nile. Consider the ease of purchase, how helpful the site content and customer service were, and the quality and value of the jewellery.

Not at all

Reviews containing profanity, personal references of any kind, URLs, or other company or organisation names cannot be posted.

Blue Nile reserves the right not to post any submission. All submitted reviews become the licensed property of Blue Nile, Inc. and will be treated as specified in our Privacy Policy. For additional feedback, send e-mail to