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Men's Platinum Wedding Bands

Men's platinum wedding bands offer unsurpassed durability in a range of attractive styles with a striking white finish. Platinum is unmatched in its strength and durability. It makes beautiful classic bands and offers the most secure setting for inlay diamonds. It's easy to choose a men's platinum wedding ring that appeals to you.


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FAQs about Men's Platinum Wedding Bands

Yes, men's platinum wedding bands are an excellent choice for daily wear. Not only will platinum complement your style with its sleek and silvery white shine, but it is also the most durable of all precious metals used for fine jewellery. Though platinum is not exempt from scratching, any scratches that do occur can be buffed out with a soft cloth.

If you like the look of platinum and you find a ring that is in your budget, then a platinum wedding ring is absolutely worth it. Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and our 95% pure men's platinum wedding rings are naturally hypoallergenic as well. Your ring's stunning white sheen will never fade or change colour, serving as an everlasting reminder of your love.

Titanium is another popular metal for men's wedding bands. It has a grey-white colour that resists tarnishing and an incredibly lightweight feel for fantastic comfort and wearability. Titanium offers great value and, like platinum, it's hypoallergenic. Neither titanium nor men's platinum wedding bands are "better" than the other—it simply comes down to your preferred wedding band look and feel at a price you can comfortably afford.

Tungsten, in the alloyed form of tungsten carbide, offers a lot of the same benefits as platinum and titanium. It is a hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant and exceptionally strong precious metal used to make fine jewellery that lasts a lifetime. Tungsten is available in lustrous white and classic grey colours, and it has a substantial feel in the hand. As with platinum, your choice between tungsten and men's platinum wedding rings should be based on the look and characteristics that you like best.

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