Blue Nile 客戶評論與評分

我們為客戶提供至高無上的購物體驗,對此深感榮幸。請參考以下客戶對 Blue Nile 的第一手評論,或不吝撥冗分享您的心得。


2018 年 5 月

The customization feature is very detailed and I was able to pick and choose from so many diamonds and settings. Love Love Love !

- Ida
Fairfax, VA

2018 年 4 月

My wife can't stop talking about this ring

This setting was the perfect match for the diamond I purchased. I wanted the ring to make the diamond the focal point, and that's exactly what I got. I diamond bridge in the setting was just a sweet bonus!


2018 年 4 月

Love it!

Delicate and beautiful setting that leaves the diamond to be the show stopper just like we wanted!


2018 年 4 月

Great Custome Service.

Beautiful ring. Thanks Blue Nile for helping with the purchase. We learned all about diamonds and made a great choice.

- Steven

161,810 評級和計數
90% 獲得 4 顆星或更高的評價


鉑金 經典六爪單石訂婚戒指及結婚戒指
共有 4 種金屬
18k 白金藍寶石鑽石戒指( 8x6 毫米)
共有 4 種成色
18k 白金蛋白石鑽石單石吊墜( 5 毫米)
共有 5 種成色
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