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A trio of gold lockets with decorative details.

Monica Rich Kosann Fine Jewellery

“Jewelry should not just be beautiful—it should also inspire us and make us stronger.”

Monica Rich Kosann Signature

Lockets featuring different metals and details.

Designer Inspirations

Even before she started collecting vintage lockets and charms for inspiration, Monica Rich Kosann was always fascinated by how these pieces told a woman's story. As she looked at the jewellery market, she found that no one was making lockets that were timeless, modern and sexy. So, she began there and decided to fill the void. Today, all her collections, lockets, charms and other styles, empower and inspire women to capture all their stories in stunning, contemporary pieces that they can wear every day.

Lockets featuring different metals and details.
Portrait of designer Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann

Starting her career as a portrait photographer, Monica always considered herself a storyteller. As a first generation American, she was the daughter of European parents who shared their love of opera, theater, and museums with her. She started her jewellery line by drawing inspiration from her love of photography and the arts, always with the goal that women would feel empowered and inspired by her collections.