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2019 年 1 月

How do you keep a woman way out of your league? Blue Nile Diamonds! Thats how!

I spent a lot of time researching an assortment of jewelers. In store and online. I also researched diamond certification in general and Blue Nile was often mentioned in many articles. My only hesitation was ordering them online without actually seeing them first, but the no questions asked, money back guarantee took care of that concern. I purchased these earrings for my girlfriend as a 5th anniversary gift and she was blown away! We both were! The diamonds are fire! E color, idea cut and vs2 clarity. The person over the phone told me that I could actually get a lesser in quality of the diamonds and still have a beautiful pair, but I still went with this pair. The fact that they were so honest with me and did not try to squeeze a few extra bucks says a lot! They also use GIA for certification. That is a very big deal because after my research, I learned that not all diamond certification organizations are equal. Some are very shady! Check into it yourself! Very Happy!!!

- Jason

2019 年 1 月

My wife loves them.

My confidence in your great website allowed me to build my own. The diamonds are beautiful.

- Donald

2019 年 1 月

I thought the ring was very beautiful, and the value was exceptional.

- Darrell
Woodbridge, VA

2019 年 1 月

Its a ring that looks like a real ring, very round

Excellent quality ring, it would be great if the character count for engraving was larger as there was lots of room left but thats my only complaint, fantastic shipping service too

- Matt
Silkstone, Queensland

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