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A collection of Lightbox lab-grown diamond jewellery with white, blue and pink stones

Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery

Blue Nile introduces the brilliance of lab-grown diamond jewellery through an exclusive partnership with Lightbox!

Woman wearing a Lightbox lab-grown diamond ring

About Lightbox

The Lightbox jewellery collection features lab-grown diamonds that are among the world’s finest, made with amazing quality and style. Every stone is produced with a guarantee of VS clarity and a cut grade of Very Good. This exclusive assortment of earrings, necklaces and bracelets includes near-colourless stones, as well as stunning options in baby blue and blush pink. Thanks to leading lab technology that ensures uniform characteristics in production, pricing is consistent at $800 per carat. This pricing for stones, along with a modest setting fee, delivers sparkle at an extraordinary value.

Pink and blue Lightbox lab-grown diamonds

About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have the same sparkle and visual characteristics as natural diamonds, but because each batch is produced to the same standards, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds. New production capabilities also mean that lab-grown diamonds can be created in brilliant colours that are extremely rare in nature. Both laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds consist of pure carbon in the same cubic crystalline form, meaning that an expert can distinguish between the two with the aid of a high-tech machine—but not with the naked eye.

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Pink and blue Lightbox lab-grown diamonds