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0.28-Carat Dark Brownish Yellow Round Diamond

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0.28-Carat Dark Brownish Yellow Round Diamond

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Diamond Summary

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EUR 2,937
Carat Weight
dark brownish yellow
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Very Good
Very Good
4.19 x 4.21 x 2.46 mm
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About Your Blue Nile Diamond


Coloured diamonds are purchased almost exclusively for the intensity and distribution of the diamond's colour, unlike colourless diamonds where the 4Cs carry equal importance. There may be a single dominant body colour (yellow, pink, etc.) or more commonly, secondary colours referred to as overtones (greenish yellow, brownish pink).

To learn more about coloured diamonds, visit our coloured diamond education page.


Colour intensity, the depth of colour, can occur in a broad range of saturations. Even faint tones may qualify a diamond as fancy colour, but the more intense the colour, the more rare and valuable the diamond will be.

Tone & Saturation

Round shape diamond with a faint yellow colour
very light
Round shape diamond with a very light yellow colour
Round shape diamond with a light yellow colour
Round shape diamond with a fancy yellow colour
Round shape diamond with a intense yellow colour
Round shape diamond with a vivid yellow colour
Round shape diamond with a deep yellow colour
Round shape diamond selected with a dark yellow colour
dark yellow diamond selected

The Size, Shape, and Cut Of Your Coloured Diamond

While colourless diamonds are typically cut to emphasise brilliance and clarity, coloured diamonds are primarily cut to emphasise their colour while retaining as much carat weight as possible.

Size: 0.28 Carat

After colour grade, carat weight has the most impact on price for coloured diamonds. Large gems are more rare than small ones – making them much more valuable – though even small coloured diamonds can present outstanding value if the colour is unique enough.

Shape: Round

Shape refers to the overall outline of a diamond when viewed from the top. It's important to note that many coloured diamonds are cut into non-traditional shapes to enhance their natural colour.


Coloured diamonds are primarily cut to emphasise their colour. In contrast with colourless diamonds that are cut to maximise sparkle or brilliance, ideal proportions can in some instances detract from the natural colour of a coloured diamond, thus leading to more varied proportions.


Due to the nature of coloured diamonds, clarity is less important than it is in their colourless counterparts. This is true because inclusions tend to be masked by the diamond's colour.

Representative diamond under high magnification.

Setting Coloured Diamonds

When choosing a setting for a coloured diamond, certain metals will enhance the natural colour of your diamond. For example, yellow diamonds are often set in yellow gold, while pink diamonds look best set in rose gold.

If you have questions about the best setting for your coloured diamond, please contact our diamond and jewellery experts.


Each loose coloured diamond at Blue Nile is independently analyzed and graded by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), and accompanied by a coloured diamond grading report. This authoritative report lists comprehensible 4Cs information along with the diamond's colour grade and natural origin.

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0.28-Carat Dark Brownish Yellow Round Diamond
EUR 822.46
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