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Multi Colour Jewellery

Our multi-coloured jewellery collection presents a dazzling whirl of prismatic colours for your delight. Crafted from our most popular gemstones like sapphires, topaz, amethyst and diamonds—all of our multi-coloured pieces feature a range of beautiful hues. Elevate your style with multi-coloured jewellery sets including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

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FAQs about Multi Colour Jewellery

Carefully clean your jewellery with a mild soap, super-soft toothbrush, and warm water. We offer free cleaning and repair services for all of our gemstone jewellery.

Our multi-coloured gemstone jewellery starts at a cost of MOP 910 and goes up to MOP 291,060 or more depending on the type of gemstones and metal used.

Yes, exposure to natural and artificial UV light can fade gemstones over time. Scratching can also cause a gemstone's colour to look faded.

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