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Sapphires in Every Colour | September Birthstone

When you think “sapphire”, a very specific shade comes to mind. But blue is just the beginning for this gem of many shades. Any color—and there are a lot—of the crystalline form of aluminum oxide known as corundum is actually a sapphire.

Are Red Sapphires Rubies?

Pear Shape Ruby and Diamond Halo Drop Pendant

Yes! This timeless gem is actually sapphire in a red dress, getting its red hue from the presence of chromium in the molecular mix. Despite the sibling rivalry, being in this family has its benefits. Rubies have the same durability as all sapphires; 9 on the Mohs scale, second hardest to diamonds. You can also judge a stone’s quality based on the 4Cs of diamonds.

Pink Sapphires

Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Where the official delineation between pink sapphires and rubies lies was only recently defined. But one thing that’s certain is this gem’s feminine appeal. Pink sapphires come in every shade from magenta to blush. They make an amazing gift but also consider how personal an engagement ring with a pink stone would be for fans of the shade.

Riviera Pavé Yellow Sapphire Eternity Ring

Yellow, Orange, Green and Beyond

Truth is, this gemstone brood includes every shade. Any colour other than blue is considered a “fancy” sapphire. Mineral traces give them their shade. But, like sapphires and rubies, these pieces that will stand up to a lifetime of wear and still maintain their beautiful, rainbow-hued lustre.

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