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Cushion-cut diamonds have been featured in engagement rings for more than 100 years. Also commonly referred to as pillow-cut diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds are square in shape and feature rounded corners with large facets that reflect light brilliantly. Buy cushion-cut engagement rings at Blue Nile, and customize the metal, center stone, engraving, and more for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


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FAQs about Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

These are engagement rings that feature a cushion-cut diamond as the center stone.

Cushion-cut diamonds feature rounded corners for a softer effect. Princess-cut diamonds, on the other hand, feature sharp 90-degree corners.

The carat weight and quality of the stone are the biggest factors in any engagement ring price. Metal choice, intricacy of design, and additional stones also play a factor in the price of a ring.

No. Cushion cut diamonds are fancy-cut diamonds, which can cost up to 25% less than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight and quality.

Top Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Reviews

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Review


My now fiancé picked this setting and stone as my engagement ring, and it is so beautiful. I get compliments on it almost daily. As a cushion/brilliant cut stone, it lets in so much light, it's just mesmerizing to look at. I would definitely recommend Blue Nile to anyone I know when it comes to shopping for jewelry.
Brittany M. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring

14k White Gold

JP¥ 67,500

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Review

Cushion Engagement Ring - Wow!

Not only was the diamond true to description and 3D photo, it ended up being even more stunning in person! I couldn't imagine purchasing a diamond anywhere else now. So as far as product and the setting 10/10! In addition I learned of the true value of my diamond locally. I had to get a ring soldered to my solitaire and the jeweller was impressed with my stone. When I asked what a similar stone would go for in store (according to the diamond classification of my stone) they quoted a price 3 times what I paid! Wow! Now equally as important, customer service. When I inquired about various stones the respond was quick and the answers concise. I had a special request for the setting and with no issues they responded with the answer I desired. I can't express how important customer service is when making such an important purchase. It really reinforced my decision to buy online (I was a bit reluctant at first). Thank you to the 3 lovely ladies that helped me with this purchase, you made the overall experience perfect! Thank you Blue Nile for the perfect wedding ring 😊
Christa S. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Classic Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring

14k White Gold

JP¥ 34,000

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Review

Excellent Cushion Engagement Ring

I absolutely love my new wedding ring. We eloped back in 2016. My husband always wanted to get me a different ring. He told me just to choose what my style would be. VoilĂ ! It is stunning! Thank you so much for this beautiful ring.
Jean B. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Morganite and Diamond Halo Cushion Ring

14k Rose Gold (8x8mm)

JP¥ 162,500

now: JP¥ 81,250

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Review

Gollum wants to steal the ring!

Picking a diamond and selecting a setting is super easy on Blue Nile (BN). BN has the best prices on diamonds. After doing months of research and checking out other places, I settled on a .83 carat D Color, VS2 cushion cut from BN. I wish there were more unique setting selections, however, if you're risk-averse, shop here: We went with a classic timeless look, the platinum scalloped pave diamond setting. Platinum is 95% pure, really excellent value. Regarding the online platform, I also wish you can search by fluorescence, length/width, depth, table, polish, symmetry, girdle, cutlet, and measurements, but you can't, those details are found only after viewing a diamond. Nevertheless, Customer Support is friendly and knowledgeable and quick to give recommendations and search for discounts if you call in. Signing up for a Blue Nile credit card is easy and I got an interest-free 12 month period to pay off. Shipping is quick and the package low-key to prevent theft, but the box and ring box the ring came in had some blemishes on it. The box is fancy and HQ though and the ring comes with appraisal/retail value and GIA report. Engraving is easy to read but the "&" symbol between our names doesn't have space after my name. My diamond selection has an excellent cut, so its carat comes more from its weight than it's size as I've seen similar carat size look bigger but not as luminescent or have as much fire and scintillation, so to me, it's a perfect size, however, the stock pave diamonds on the setting don't look as big as the picture, but they contrast really well with the center-stone. Overall, the ring looks really amazing, diamond and ring sparkle and the ring has a good weight to it (1.26 TWC). I love my decision and my fiance loves the ring. Can't stop looking at it!!! I will be back to buy more stuff from BN.
Imran M. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Scalloped Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum (3/8 ct. tw.)

JP¥ 255,000


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