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Eternity Rings: Find The Right Carat Total Weight For You

Most women know what size ring they think looks good on their fingers. There are no hard and fast rules here—it’s all a matter of personal preference—but when shopping for an eternity ring, it’s important to be able to equate total carat weight with size for the right look.

Know Your Terms

When there are multiple smaller diamonds in a piece of jewelry, the term “carat total weight,” abbreviated as ct. tw., is used to describe just that­—the cumulative weight of all the diamonds in the piece. A higher carat total weight means that the diamonds are larger or there are more of them. Either way, it’s crucial to check that stat before purchasing an eternity ring for yourself or your special lady.

Under One Carat

One to Three Carats

Four to Six Carats

Price & Shape

The shape of the diamond not only changes the look of the ring, but also the price. As does the metal that the ring is made with. Fancy shaped diamonds, such as Asscher, princess, or emerald, can be less expensive than round diamonds, which take more precision and expertise to cut. Platinum is usually a more expensive setting because of its rarity; choose white gold it you like the white look but don’t have the budget for platinum.

Seven to Nine Carats

10 to 11 Carats

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