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Achieve incredible brilliance and elegance on any budget when you shop diamonds under HK$ 8,000 at Blue Nile. This selection of diamonds includes all nine shapes offered at Blue Nile, each of which comes with a GIA diamond grading report. Working within your budget is easy with the incredible value of fancy-shape diamonds from Blue Nile. Shop our entire selection of budget-friendly diamonds for your custom jewellery.


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FAQs about Diamonds Under HK$ 8,000

Every diamond is graded based on the 4 Cs–color, cut, carat, and clarity. All four of these factors affect the final price of a diamond. Of the 4 Cs, carat has the biggest effect on the price. For maximum brilliance, focus on choosing a high cut grade.

Round diamonds are the most expensive shape. Fancy-shape diamonds are up to 25% less expensive than a round diamond of the same carat weight and quality. A radiant cut and cushion cut tend to be the most affordable of all diamond shapes.

The stone shape and the setting affect the appearance of the stone size. An oblong shape, such as an oval or marquis, will appear larger to the eye than a round or princess-cut diamond. Surrounding the centre stone with additional stones in a halo setting is another way to make the centre stone appear larger.

Make the most of your diamond budget by going just below a half-carat weight or one-carat weight mark. A .45 carat weight or .90 carat weight diamond will be much less expensive than a .50 or 1.0-carat diamond, and the difference won't be very evident to the eye.

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