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What Your Diamond Shape Says About You

You’ll find nine shapes at Blue Nile (other than the traditional round brilliant cut), referred to as “fancy” shaped diamonds. Some you might recognize: emerald, oval, pear, heart—and each has its own charms. The 4Cs involve grades, scales, and weight, but choosing the shape of your diamond is purely a matter of personal taste.

The most important thing to realize about fancy-shaped diamonds is that they are generally less expensive than an equivalent round diamond. Additionally, fancy shapes can appear larger than their carat size, especially when placed in a halo setting.

Which one shines the brightest to your eyes?



The classic cut and by far our most popular shape, round diamonds contain 57 mirror-like facets that reflect light though the diamond and into the eye. This diamond shape was developed in the early 1900s by a man named Marcel Tolkowsky, who created mathematical models for the right proportions in order to produce more sparkle, fire, and brilliance in round diamonds than ever before in history. Celebrity style: Miranda Kerr



Square in shape, the princess cut is our most popular non-round, or fancy-shaped, diamond. The shape’s beautiful, brilliant facets and crisp edges make it a stellar choice for engagement rings. You don’t have to be royalty to wear it, but it does go well with caviar and horse-drawn carriages. Celebrity style: Kate Bosworth



Bearing none of the bold color of Oz, the emerald diamond is actually so-named for its distinctive shape. The rectilinear, step cut facets switches focus from brilliance to clarity, creating a clean, open look. Fill your friends with envy and confusion by alternately referring to your stone as a diamond and an emerald. A sophisticated choice. Celebrity style: Beyonce



Introduced to the world in 1902 by its creators, the Asscher brothers, this diamond is a step-cut, like the emerald cut, but it’s square rather than rectangular. This is your diamond if you like things to be clear, straightforward, and symmetrical. Celebrity style: Pippa Middleton



The marquise takes its name from French nobility and its shape from American football. The slender profile and tapered tips allow this diamond to carry its weight well, making the diamond appear larger than its carat weight might suggest. Celebrity style: Portia de Rossi



Because it’s basically a modified round brilliant cut, oval diamonds appear bright and lively. Similar to the marquise cut, this oblong shape carries carat weight well, giving the appearance of a larger diamond. Celebrity style: Blake Lively.



Faceted like a princess, yet often rectangular like an emerald, the radiant-cut diamond distinguishes itself with trimmed, or flat, corners. The radiant is a very versatile choice and looks equally beautiful in a setting with baguette or round side diamonds. Celebrity style: Jennifer Aniston



For having such a unique shape, the pear is surprisingly versatile. This brilliant-cut diamond is shaped like a teardrop, with a rounded end tapering into a single point. The elongated length is an excellent alternative to a round-cut in a solitaire setting. Celebrity style: Victoria Beckham



Cupid’s favorite diamond. A stone that manages to be both a sparkly diamond and an “I love you” card at the same time. A surefire choice if you or the intended recipient is a romantic at heart. Suggestion: have it set in a bracelet, letting everyone know that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Celebrity style: Lady Gaga



Cushion- or pillow-cut diamonds range in shape from square to rectangular and have been a popular choice for more than a century. What makes this cut unique are rounded corners and larger facets, which increase brilliance and highlights clarity. Celebrity style: Megan Markle

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