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Top Women's Wedding Rings

Our top women's wedding rings are made with platinum, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Twisted diamond eternity rings, clean platinum bands and marquis and dot diamond rings are some of the best styles we have to offer. Shop alongside your beloved and select the band that speaks to you, whether it's richly embellished or understated and engravable.

FAQs about Top Women's Wedding Rings

A wedding ring and a wedding band are interchangeable terms which refer to the piece of jewellery that spouses give to one another when they exchange vows. Both partners will have their rings from the wedding ceremony throughout the entire marriage, usually wearing them every day. Diamond wedding rings are a common choice to accompany sparkling engagement rings, adding even more shine to the shimmering promise of love.

In Western cultures, the wedding ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Some believe this is because Roman's thought this finger has veins that run to the heart. We have since discovered that all fingers are connected to the heart, yet the fourth finger remains the traditional place to wear a women's wedding ring.

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