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Halo Jewellery

Dazzling pavé diamonds or gemstones dance around a radiant centre stone in our halo jewellery collection. Whether you have a diamond, sapphire, emerald or ruby—a halo works to enhance and enlarge your gem of choice. Choose from glamorous halo cocktail rings, pendants, studs and teardrop earrings.

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FAQs about Halo Jewellery

A halo is a ring of small pavé diamonds or coloured gemstones strategically placed around the edges of a larger centre stone to enhance its brilliance and make it appear larger. Although they are traditionally seen on engagement rings, a halo can also add a touch of glam to earrings, tennis bracelets and pendant necklaces.

In a hidden halo, the smaller stones are placed underneath the centre stone, rather than around it—giving your ring a stunning profile view with a classic view on top. A hidden halo is perfect if you are looking for a twist on the traditional engagement ring.

Halo engagement rings look great with a pavé diamond wedding ring. Depending on the shape of your centre stone, go with a classic pavé band or a curved band. Curved wedding bands look fantastic wrapped around an oval, pear-shaped or round centre stones.

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