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Top Ten Popular Gemstone Jewellery

Explore this captivating selection of our most popular gemstone jewellery. Our deep blue sapphires, firey-red rubies and bold green emeralds are fit for royalty. Our top gemstone jewellery includes earrings, pendants and rings galore—all expertly crafted and set in the finest metals.

FAQs about Top Ten Popular Gemstone Jewellery

Our top selling gemstones for jewellery are blue topaz, sapphire and ruby.

A gemstone's ability to avoid scratching is determined by it's hardness level from 1-10 the Mohs scale. The hardest gemstone on the scale is diamond, which means it cannot be scratched by any other material beneath it on the scale. This makes diamonds perfect for engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery you would wear on a daily basis. Gemstones that rank 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale are generally quite durable, but should still be handled with care. A number of popular gemstones such as opal, moonstone and turquoise rank from 5-6 on the Mohs scale and are considered more fragile.

Most gemstones can be cleaned with mild soap and a soft brush or a cloth. Certain stones, like opals, should be washed more carefully and not be exposed to too much moisture. We offer a selection of cleaning solutions including a non-toxic Gem and Jewellery Cleaner.

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