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Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelets

Lightbox uses the latest advancements in technology to produce beautiful lab-grown diamond bracelets with the same sparkle and clarity as natural diamonds. Affordable, ethical and available in a spectacular array of colors, our lab-grown diamond bracelets are indistinguishable from naturally occurring diamonds with the naked eye. Each of our lab-grown diamond bracelets is inscribed with an invisible mark of quality.

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FAQs about Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelets

In most cases, a jeweler would not be able to visually identify a lab-grown diamond versus a natural diamond—however, lab-grown diamonds can be determined by testing through a specialized gem lab. All Lightbox lab-grown diamonds above 0.2 of a carat also have a laser inscription within them (invisible to the naked eye) as a marker of their authenticity and quality which a jeweler would be able to identify.

Lab-grown diamonds are a fabulous option due to their accessible price if you to add to your existing collection of diamond jewelry with some show-stopping colored stones or larger pieces.

Our lab-grown diamond bracelets start a cost of $900.

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