Manoj Tiwari is Blue Nile's Director of Diamond Supply Management

Manoj Tiwari

Director of Diamond Supply Management

“Diamonds are part of the earth, with origins that go back millions of years—and they will exist forever. I find that history really incredible.”

Director of Diamond Supply Management, Manoj Tiwari, lives and breathes diamonds. His more than 30 years of experience spans every aspect of the industry from buying and sourcing to product development and quality assurance.”

Manoj’s fascination with diamonds began early, during his high school and college days. What made him intrigued? “Diamonds are part of the earth, with origins that go back millions of years—and they will exist forever,” he says. Manoj has always been amazed by the history of diamonds. And from the very beginning of his career as a diamond buyer he wanted to learn absolutely everything required to be the best at every aspect of sourcing diamonds.

A quick survey of his CV reflects the persistence and dedication of someone who is laser-focused on his goal. Manoj’s practical, hands-on experience covers the complete diamond jewellery supply chain—from rough and polished trading, diamond polishing, jewellery manufacturing, lab-grown diamond production, diamond jewellery retailing, and an array of strategic marketing functions. Thanks to this diverse experience, Manoj has a macro view of the diamond pipeline that few can share. Consequently, he is well-known and respected throughout the global diamond industry.

While his deep technical and industry knowledge are big factors in the recognition and respect that he’s earned among colleagues and competitors, it’s also his philosophical stance on diamonds that underscores his passion for the industry. Manoj always considers the full journey of a diamond—"from mine to online, from the earth to the heart”—he never views a diamond as a mere commodity. In his view a diamond is a beautiful symbol of celebration, and deeply connected to emotions. “Diamonds aren’t just about the investment—there’s also an emotional value that cannot be underestimated. In many cases, that’s priceless.”