Sell Your Diamond Jewellery with Mondiamo

Simple and Transparent Service
As part of our jeweller for life commitment, we've partnered with Mondiamo to bring you a simple and transparent service to sell your diamond jewellery, all from the comfort of your own home.
Sell your diamond jewellery with Mondiamo in 4 easy steps!
Why sell your diamond jewellery with Mondiamo?
Why sell your diamond jewellery with Mondiamo?
  • Trusted Industry Expertise: Mondiamo's team of graduate gemmologists and diamond buyers has over 100 years of combined industry experience. They are the only diamond buyback company we recommend.
  • Best Value for You: With access to real-time diamond prices from around the world, Mondiamo leverages their network of hundreds of trusted buyers to provide the best offer for your diamond jewellery.
  • Exceptional Service: Their Client Care team is available to answer any questions you may have. They are committed to making sure you feel confident and informed every step of the way.
  • Quick Payment: When you accept Mondiamo's Final Cash Offer for your diamond jewellery, you choose the payment that is most convenient for you. Mondiamo will issue payment the same business day.
  • Simple & Safe: Their process is transparent, secure and comes at no cost to you. Realise the value of your diamond jewellery from the comfort of your home. No hassles, no hidden fees.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Mondiamo recycles and reuses the diamonds and precious metals they acquire, which helps promote a cleaner planet and reduces their environmental footprint.
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Frequently Asked Question Topics
Guaranteed Offer Range
What does a guaranteed offer range mean?
If you have provided Mondiamo with a grading report from the GIA, EGL (US and International), IGI, AGS, GSI, GCAL, IIDGR, or HRD, they'll provide a sight-unseen guaranteed offer range for your diamond jewellery based on the characteristics from the report. After physical examination, they guarantee that your final offer will fall within this range. Even better, more than 90% of customers receive a final offer price higher than the midpoint of the guaranteed range. The guaranteed offer range sent to you is a net range, so you will not be charged any shipping, insurance, or hidden fees. Mondiamo's fee is one of the lowest in the industry at 15%, but this is already removed from the range sent to you.
What types of items are eligible for a sight-unseen guaranteed offer range?
Mondiamo provides a guaranteed, sight-unseen offer range for any diamond jewellery containing at least one natural, untreated diamond weighing 0.45cts or larger, with I1 clarity or better. The diamond must be accompanied by a third-party diamond grading report from GIA, IGI, GSI, AGS, HRD, EGL (USA) or IIDGR. If you do not have a diamond grading report from one of these labs, or you only have an appraisal, you can still submit your item's information and they will let you know if your diamond jewellery is eligible for the free evaluation service. Mondiamo does not buy lab grown diamonds.
Diamond Documentation
I don't have a Diamond Grading Report, can my diamond be valued using my appraisal?
While appraisals can give an idea of your diamond's characteristics, there is no single standard all appraisers abide by and one appraiser's standard could differ from a gemmological grading standard. Appraisals are also primarily used for insurance replacement values, which is not indicative of current market value. Though Mondiamo cannot send you a guaranteed sight-unseen offer range using your appraisal, they can offer you a free evaluation. Upload your appraisal with your submission and send them your item risk free with no obligation. Mondiamo's expert team will provide you with a final offer. If you are not satisfied, they will ship your item back at no cost to you.
I don't have any documentation for my diamond, can they still provide me an offer?
Yes. Please use Mondiamo's online submission process and tell them as much as you know. Most fields offer an “I don't know” answer option. If they are not able to provide you with a sight-unseen offer based on the information you have, they will send you a free and fully insured shipping kit to send in your item for a professional evaluation. If you are not satisfied with the offer, they will ship your item back at no cost to you, no questions asked.
Is my diamond jewellery safe and insured when shipped to Mondiamo?
Absolutely. They've partnered with FedEx, Brinks and Malca Amit to ensure their shipments are fast, secure, fully insured and always trackable. Shipping in the U.S. is always free and includes a shipping kit with all of the materials you'll need to get your item to them safely. Insurance covers any damage or loss up to the full amount of the declared value.
Can I send in my jewellery even if I do not live in the United States?
Yes! They are happy to work with international clients. Similar to shipping in the U.S., they partner with FedEx and international shipping is fast, secure, fully insured, and always trackable. Because of US customs and importation regulations, they are required to collect duty and import fees for diamond jewellery. Mondiamo removes this from the offer range that you receive, so you will still know what you can expect to receive from your jewellery before sending it to them.
Do they have a store I can visit?
While they don't have a storefront, Mondiamo welcomes customers looking to submit their diamond jewellery in person to visit their office in midtown Manhattan. To schedule an appointment, please call their client care specialists at 877-478-0485.
Final Offer
How do they determine my final offer?
Mondiamo's team of certified gemmologists physically inspects each item of diamond jewellery they receive. The majority of the value lies in the diamond. Beyond the 4C's there are many other factors that affect the value of a diamond. Fluorescence, brilliance, scintillation, and symmetry are just a few of the things our expert team checks for when providing a valuation for a diamond. We also consider market demand for each stone.
Will I get paid for the precious metal that my diamond is set in?
Yes, the market value of your setting and side stones will be calculated into the offer Mondiamo shares with you. The price you paid for the setting was mostly driven by its design and labour costs, rather than the actual cost of its metal and side stones, and as a result, the setting has a lower resale value. If you decide you'd like to keep your setting, they will unmount your diamond and ship the setting back, free of charge.
If I accept the final offer, how do I get paid?
Mondiamo offers same day payment following acceptance of final offers with two simple payment methods to choose from. You can either have a physical check mailed to you or the money transferred directly into your bank account (via ACH for customers in the US and by wire for international customers). Please check with your bank to see if they charge fees for incoming transfers. Either method usually takes 2 - 3 days to arrive once you've accepted the final offer.
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