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Reasons to Embrace a Long Engagement

Photo Credit: Ryan Jacobson

Postponing your wedding is probably the last thing you want to do. Unfortunately, thanks to the COVID-19 virus, many couples have no other option right now. According to a recent survey, an estimated 63% of weddings are currently postponed due to the pandemic, so you and your partner are not alone.

Postponing your wedding means you'll have a more prolonged engagement, but take heart — a long engagement, believe it or not, has many advantages. We'll take a look at them here to brighten the prospect of delaying your nuptials.

More time to enjoy being engaged

Getting engaged is such an exciting and relatively short time in any couples' lives, so rather than rushing through it in a race to get to your wedding day, why not use a long engagement to just enjoy this period and soak it all up?

Once you're married, other factors like mortgages and children can enter your relationship and life can become a little more complicated. Enjoy this relatively stress-free period by going on dates, taking trips together, exploring your personal passions and doing the things you love. You may have less time for these things in the future and you'll look back on this pre-marriage period fondly.

Get to know each other even better

Whirlwind engagements, while romantic in Hollywood films, might not be as practical in real life. Marriage is a life-long commitment, so the better you get to know each other before you say "I do", the more solid foundation you will build for a long and happy future together.

A longer engagement gives you and your fiance the opportunity to discuss all-important subjects like whether you plan to buy a house, where you want to live, if you hope to have children, and boring but important details about your finances.

The more that people discuss their feelings, goals, and plans — the more they understand one another. Does this lead to a more successful marriage? Of course there's no guarantee, but common sense says it gives you the best possible chance.

Practice your relationship skills

You can certainly apply the old adage: "You never really know someone until you work with them" to planning a wedding. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about one another in ways you most likely never dreamed of. As a couple, you may agree on some things and fine you are miles apart on other subjects, and that's ok too.

Planning a wedding during a long engagement presents opportunities to work it out solutions through compromise, surrender, or trade-offs. Sometimes, all it takes is a thorough talk.

Finding solutions to wedding-related problems brings up emotions, opinions, and ways of thinking that you must now share with your partner. And so the work begins. And so do the new and fascinating discoveries about one another.

Take a more relaxed approach to wedding planning

More time also means better, more relaxed planning. You can take your time organising the details of your big day and feel less stressed doing it. You may even discover a lull in planning where the wedding isn't taking up every waking moment of your life. How's that for a stress reducer?

According to a Shutterfly survey, the average length for an engagement is about 13 months. Allowing more than one year to plan an event may seem overly long, but it gives you the luxury of time, helps you more successfully grow into life as a couple, and makes planning more enjoyable.

Assemble your dream team of vendors

Vendors and venues tend to have more availability the further ahead you plan. This includes restaurants for your wedding party dinner, as well as venues for the ceremony and reception.

Vendors like florists, caterers and wedding hire are more likely to be available and have the items you want when planning further in advance. The band you want is also more likely to be available on your postponed date, and you will have more time to choose a bridal registry if you haven't already.

With a longer planning time, you can also fine-tune your guest list. You can discuss in-depth who you really want to be there and the ideal seating plan. You'll be able to discuss and plan for the best decor and decorations, down to the finest details.

If you want the wedding and reception to include do-it-yourself decorations and favours, you also have an ample allotment of time so you can shop for the materials and create what you want with less pressure.

More time to plan your honeymoon

Your dream of taking a honeymoon somewhere exotic might seem unrealistic right now, but by delaying your wedding for a year or longer, you may be able to travel to a more far flung location as newlyweds.

As the world gets to grip with the COVID-19 virus, countries will become better at handling travel and keeping people safe. Use your long engagement to plan and save for your dream honeymoon. You may even snap up a great deal once more borders open up!

Reduce financial stress

One significant way a long engagement diminishes stress is by giving those paying for the wedding more time to either save the money required for your wedding or spread out spending. Whether it's your parents, an aunt or uncle, or you.

According to The Knot, 20 percent of couples pay for their own weddings, so if you and your partner are one of them, you have more time to save the money you'll need to pay for an engagement ring and wedding rings, and the other expenses like deposits on a venue, food, flowers, and wedding attire.

More time to choose the perfect wedding rings

A long engagement is especially good news in the ring department. It means you can take your time saving for and researching wedding rings for women, wedding bands for men and even wedding ring sets for couples. Explore the various metals like platinum wedding rings, yellow gold and rose gold, and different styles, from simple bands to diamond eternity rings.

If you're in need of guidance or inspiration, take a look at our Wedding Ring Guide or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Final thoughts on a long engagement

Image credit: Stephen Leonardi

When you plan together, spend time together, and work toward the same goal together, such as planning your wedding, you gain invaluable insight and appreciation for your partner, one that perhaps you did not know you possessed.

Start now to embrace a long engagement and a postponed wedding. It's beyond your control, but certainly not beyond your capability to make a less-than-ideal situation better using the ingenuity in your heads and the love in your hearts.