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How Do You Stack Up: What's New in Wedding Bands

We’ve just gotten in a new batch of the prettiest diamond wedding bands—and we’re excited to share them with you.

We’ve seen three trends in wedding bands recently: milgrain details, pavè twist, and dainty anniversary rings. They’re perfectly pair-able with many different engagement ring styles, but don’t hesitate to stack them up or wear them solo. Hard to go wrong with these beauties.


French for “a thousand grains,” a milgrain detail consists of tiny metal beads along the edge of a piece of jewelry. It’s a decoration that adds a lovely vintage feel to your ring.

Pavè Twist

Delicate bands of precious metal studded with tiny diamonds intertwine to create a ring that is classic and timeless.

Petite Anniversary Rings

Tiny pavè and micropavè diamonds sparkle along the top of these bands for an easy-to-wear look that really pops.

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