How Diamond Shape Affects Price

The shape is an important consideration when buying a diamond as it directly influences price. Round diamonds, the most popular diamond shape, tend to be priced higher than other shapes (referred to as fancy shapes) because of market demand, increased manufacturing costs, and their incredible brilliance.

Fancy shaped diamonds include all diamonds other than round. Blue Nile offers nine different fancy shapes, including princess, emerald, Asscher, cushion, marquise, radiant, oval, pear, and heart.

Shape vs. Price Chart

To show how shape affects price, we’ve pulled 10 differently shaped diamonds directly from our Diamond Search, each with the same 4C characteristics: Carat: 1-1.05, Cut: Very Good, Colour: G, Clarity: VS2.

BGN 11444.4
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BGN 8373.6
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BGN 7585.2
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BGN 10442.4
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BGN 6838.8
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BGN 8986.8
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BGN 9554.4
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BGN 9621.6
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Choosing a fancy shaped diamond can save you more than 25% versus a round diamond of similar size and quality. Fancy shapes such as marquise, oval, and pear are elongated and tend to appear larger than a round. Nearly one-third of all engagement rings today are created with a fancy shaped diamond, the most popular shapes being princess, cushion, and radiant.