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Citrine brings a little ray of sunshine to all who wear it. Named after the french word for lemon, citrine is a juicy gemstone that can be found in hues of reddish-orange to light yellow. Citrine jewellery makes a thoughtful gift for people born in November, new moms of November babies or for anyone who loves their jewellery to shine bright.

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FAQs about Citrine Jewellery

To keep your citrine jewellery looking fresh as the day you bought it, clean the stone with warm, soapy water and a soft jewellery brush. While citrine is a durable gemstone, it's best to avoid sudden temperature changes, high temperatures and chemicals.

Citrine is a rare natural variety of quartz that can be found in colours ranging from pale yellow to brown. Nicknamed "the money stone", citrine is thought to bring success and prosperity to those who wear it.

Our citrine jewellery starts at the cost of AU$ 508 and goes up to AU$ 7,692. The cost depends on stone size and the inclusion of other gemstones and metals in the piece.

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