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Who Gets Engaged on National Proposal Day? This Couple Does!

When Nick Leach met Keanna Yalowicki it took him a few weeks to work up the courage to ask her out. When the time came to propose, he knew exactly what to do. Hint: It involves beer and National Proposal Day.

There’s a day for everything. National Doughnut Day is June 1. National Siblings Day is April 10. And National Proposal Day is March 20. It’s also the day Nick decided to propose to Keanna with a Blue Nile ring. Here’s how it went down, in Nick’s words.

“I proposed at the Columbia Tower Club in Seattle. I framed the night like it was a birthday party for one of her best friends. Since we both love beer, I gave a custom beer flight tray engraved with “Will you marry me,” to the hostess and ordered a flight of beer. When the waitress brought out the flight for Keanna, I dropped onto a knee and popped the question. Her parents and my mother were hidden on the other side of the restaurant and came out to surprise her.”

Nick gave Keanna a cushion cut diamond with a solitaire setting, which they then had set in a custom setting. Nick did what a lot of proposers do: Focus on the diamond and go with a simple setting knowing you can personalize it later on.

“My experience with Blue Nile was awesome,” says Nick. “They helped me throughout the entire process. I was definitely a newbie to the diamond world but they explained all of the little nuances that can come with picking out the best diamond.”

Next up: Wedding bands for their September 2018 nuptials. “Keanna is looking for two bands that match her engagement ring, symmetry is key,” Nick explains. “For me I like a subtle hint of bling but also want something that is classic and fits my style.”

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