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Black Diamond Jewellery

Filled with mystery and intrigue—black diamonds are the strongest of them all. Our black diamond jewellery has a beautiful polished finish that gives a modern look to our men's wedding rings and a stunning contrast to women's pearl jewellery. All of our black diamond jewellery is ethically sourced and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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FAQs about Black Diamond Jewellery

Black diamond jewellery is made from carbonado, commonly known as black diamond. Black diamonds are found in nature, just like clear and other coloured diamonds. The difference is that black diamonds are stronger, and have a polycrystalline structure. Polycrystalline black diamonds are made up of millions of smaller black crystals, bound together by internal inclusions. These millions of crystals are what give black diamonds their unique colour.

In some cultures, black diamonds are thought to have devine origins and have been used as a symbol of power, passion and charisma.

A black diamonds price will depend on the 4cs, which are cut, colour, clarity and carat. Our black diamond jewellery starts at a cost of $490 and goes up to $3,990.

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