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She will be happy very soon

Loved it . No questions asked

ANONYMOUS - March 2016

She loves the necklace!

Very pleased with the product, she's very happy. One question, I ordered the 18-inch chain and it's too long. Is there a possibility of exchanging it for the shorter chain?

ANONYMOUS - January 2016

Don't look for the perfect ring, look for the perfect ring for your loved one.


I love the earrings.

I love silver and or white gold. Don't wear yellow gold much any more. I wear alot of silver. They are perfect.

ANONYMOUS - December 2015

My niece is very happy to see her engage ring, appreciated with my help

beautiful, just as I expect,

YLAN, KENT WA - November 2015

Fit like the one that I lost. Perfect

PAUL, LEANDER TX - November 2015

Love it!!!!!

Very happy with the purchase. Purple is my favorite color, had been looking for a purple ring for a long time. Good price with the $50 off. Perhaps blue nile can have it with white gold?

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

She was very excited about the ring and loved it, said it was just what she wanted.

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

These were a gift to my daughter. I knew she would love them.

I had a hard time making up my mind on the sterling silver earrings. Loved them all.

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

The stone fell out on the first ring. If you see my records, you will see that I bought it a second time. So far the second ring is beautiful and well made.

ANONYMOUS - September 2015

I love it


Great Experience

The ring was perfect...and so was Blue Nile. I actually purchased 4 different rings before I got it right...but Blue Nile Customer Service was patient and understanding...do yourself a favor and work with these guys...you will not be disappointed.


Excellent product! Needs recommendation for printing small pictures.

The locket itself is fantastic! It was really hard to figure out how to print a quality picture that was the right size to fit in the locket. They do provide a template so you can cut the picture the right size, but it was difficult to figure out how small to shrink a picture for it to be the size of the template. The first time we printed it, the quality was awful. We ended up paying a designer to shrink it to the right size while maintaining quality. Is there any way Blue Nile could provide step by step instructions, an online tool, or a link to an online tool that would streamline this process? We are going to want to print new pictures for the locket at least once a year. I would love to be able to quickly do this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.


Usually i done have time to submitt feed back to companies but i was so pleased with the quality if your diamonds i just had to let you know im actually looking fowardto ger next birthday

My ex wife loves the sparkle in her rock


Ed an Lori helped me design my perfect ring they really knew their stuff I am so glad I went out on a limb and took their advice!!!

Smaller than the photos, very beautiful

ANONYMOUS - May 2015

She said "yes"....

This ring exceeded my expectations! Absolutely gorgeous!!! The purchase process was above and beyond any I've ever experienced. Picking out a diamond with every one of you diamond experts was an absolute pleasure; they were knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and never in a hurry to get off the phone. I would never have made a purchase this large on line if I hadn't heard so many rave reviews from others, and now I know they were absolutely right and I would re om end you guys to anyone!


Just what he was looking for!

He wanted a ring that isn't not too flashy but somewhat unique. He also wanted it to be a strong metal that didn't easily scratch and wasn't too expensive. I was worried that the ring might look inexpensive, but I was wrong. We both love this ring and it fit all his requirements. We also bought my engagement ring on Blue Nile and both rings and the service both times were fantastic! Also you get a 10% discount on wedding bands if you purchased the engagement ring through Blue Nile.

LEE, FARMVILLE VA - March 2014


It had been 38 years since I got my original half-carat emerald cut engagement ring so when we decided to replace it with a new ring with a larger emerald cut diamond, I needed some brushing up on my diamond knowledge. The education section of the Blue Nile site told me everything I needed to know, and I went to the Build Your Own Ring section and started the fun process of picking the diamond with the characteristics most important to me. I chose the Tapered Cathedral setting in platinum and the Signature Ideal cut in order to get the most sparkle from the diamond, yet I was still absolutely astounded at how FABULOUS this diamond was when I first laid eyes on it! As my husband put it, on a scale of 1-10 this stone is a 15! I've never seen an emerald cut diamond this gorgeous. I'm totally thrilled with the ring, the price, and the entire purchase experience.

SUE, IRMO SC - March 2014

She can't stop taking pictures of the ring!

Like anyone else making a very large purchase on the internet without seeing the product in person, I was a little nervous. I received great word of mouth about Blue Nile from several friends and also my brother who also purchased his engagement ring on the site. After MUCH discussion and sharing of pictures from my fiancee I was able to finally narrow down that this one was her favorite. The ring is amazing. My fiancee loves it and literally sends me several pictures a day of it on her hand... highly recommend.

ANONYMOUS - February 2014

She loved this ring!

This cut is beautiful. It catches the eye from quite the distance. You can see the precision and the quality in the details of the diamond. I did not really have any reservations buying the ring with this diamond due to Blue Nile's reputation and now I know why they have the reputation they do. My fiance's ring the source of envy for many girls.

ANONYMOUS - February 2014

Build your own is way to go

Go for it...you will love them. Research and build your own pair, a little time spent educating yourself on diamonds and finding the perfect pair will allow you to get a higher color and cut grade for less than the ready to buy sets.

ANONYMOUS - February 2014

So happy

The stones are the perfect size and are brighter than my sister's (blue box brand) eternity band that cost $15,000. Goes great with my custom engagement ring.

ANONYMOUS - January 2014

She loves her pendant!

My wife was extremely happy with her anniversary gift. I had bought my engagement ring with blue Nile and well as our wedding bands. Blue Nile delivered excellent quality products in both occasions. So who else to go for a quality anniversary gift? That's right I trusted blue Nile again and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

JAN, CHERAW SC - November 2013

Absolutely gorgeous SPARKLER!

I didn't want a solitaire; just an eternity band, for my engagement ring. This is PERFECT! Can't stop looking at it even a month later; it sparkles & twinkles like CRAZY even in flourescent office lighting at work. It's super comfy & just right. I'm 6' tall and thought I might need a larger-carat version to look right on my frame, so I tried those versions on, but this actually looks much better than those. My fingers, while not "pudgy," still lie close together, so anything too bulky (the larger-carat versions) look strange & as though they don't fit right. This is absolutely perfect, beautifully feminine & lovely. Did I mention that it SPARKLES LIKE CRAZY! ;) I priced this same ring at jewelry stores, and Blue Nile's is approx. _40%_ less than theirs! Not only that, being a size 8, the jewelry store would have to special order it, and it would have taken 6-8 weeks to arrive. Blue Nile had it in stock, and I received it the next day. Talk about the easiest decision ever.

ANONYMOUS - November 2013

She says the ring is perfect!

When the ring showed up, it definitely lived up to if not surpassed my expectations for what I had created online. I was very wary or ordering an engagement ring online, but the experience was a great one. My Fiancee absolutely loved the ring! Having the Blue Nile Phone App for her to play with when we were just "talking" about rings, helped me get her the perfect ring, while at the same time still being able to surprise her.

PETER, GLENS FALLS NY - October 2013

she cant stop looking at the ring

Ok, this was the first time buying anything from blue nile and it was the best expeirence i have every had, i spent months going from jewelry store to store trying to get what i wanted and none of them could help me they always tried to sell me something else thinking i would settle, so i stumble across blue nile online and startlooking and like what i see then started looking at reviews online and was happy with what i read, then i had some questions so i called up on a sunday night and a real person actually answered that was impressive. Found the stone i wanted for a price that couldnt be beat then found the ring and the ladie confirmed everything in my order then gave me the arrival date. When it came i was so impressed and happy with everything that came with it . I will be coming back to buy more for my fiance and myself and have already passed on the bluenile name

MICHAEL, ARLINGTON TX - September 2013

I Love My New Ring

I was so please when my ring arrived I cannot express how beautiful it is. The quality was exceptional. I was a little scared when I first placed my order that the ring I had designed wouldn't look anything like I had pictured in my head but to my surprise it was even more beautiful then the images I was think off. Before I actually hit the place order button I showed my husband the picture he said "It won't be that nice" but upon delivery he is raving about Blue Nile to all our friends. We couldn't have been more happy. I LOVE BLUE NILE. Again, thank you for providing such an exceptional piece of jewelry.

LISA, FRANKLIN VT - August 2013

Great experience and great result!

The selection process was professional and enjoyable. There was absolutely no "up-selling". As a matter of fact, the salesperson told me my original selection would be beautiful but I could get a less expensive diamond which would be indistinguishable to the naked eye. I purchased the diamond and setting thinking I was definitely going to send it back since my wife would probably have her own criteria (she's very selective). I was wrong. She loved it! I would definitely recommend Blue Nile!

ANONYMOUS - July 2013

She never takes these earrings off

I have to be honest, I was paranoid of ordering diamonds online. I bought my wife's wedding ring at a really nice custom jeweler in Houston and thought that was the only way to go to make sure you got something good. After I researched all the specs I wanted and placed my order on Blue Nile, I had some anxiety. Never ordering diamonds on the internet, I was worried that they would be low quality, not what I ordered, or whatever terrible thing I could think up. When they were delivered, I opened them up and was amazed! The earrings I got were more beautiful than anything I saw at the store (as suggested by the specifications I selected!) and the diamonds were cut perfectly. Blue Nile is definitely the way to go for diamonds. You get exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost. If I had bought my wife's wedding ring here, I would have saved at least a thousand dollars. Highly recommend!

ELI, TOMBALL TX - June 2013

Best Husband ever replaced lost engagment ring.

Last October, I lost my original engagement ring at a parade while photographing our daughter. I was completely devastated. Since my husband is a returning college student as well as full-time employee, we expected to wait another 3 years (graduation time) before buying a new one. To my surprise, two weeks ago, he said "Let's go ahead and get your new ring". He told me he had been researching Blue Nile so we immediately went to the computer and designed a ring. It arrived within the same week! It's absolutely beautiful and very special because it looks identical to my original ring. While nothing can truly replace it, this certainly does a fabulous job and warms my heart. Thank you for making exceptional jewelry available to everyone. I love my husband and my new ring!!



For our 20th anniversary, my husband allowed me to pick a new ring. The Monique Lhullier Vintage Hexagon with a 1.28 carat diamond is what I chose. It has exceeded my wildest expectations by far!! In person, it is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I am ecstatically happy with my selection. Thank you, Blue Nile!! Great value for the money. And I enjoyed the hunt for the perfect diamond--I knew when I found "the one."


She feels special

Funny story. Got for my wife for 15th wedding anniversary. She really loved them until she found out how much they were - then was concerned that I spent too much (even though it was a good price comparatively). She was conflicted as a result. I convinced her last night that she was worth it - and she hasn't taken them off since she opened the box. She just sent me a text wondering how "sparkly rocks could make a woman feel so special". This is exactly the reaction I was hoping for.


My fiance "loves" the ring.

Blue Nile's web site made the selection process very easy. Blue Niles's on-line process gave me the ability to change settings and diamonds configurations as many times as I wanted without any pressure in the privacy of my home. Blue Nile's Customer Service (BNCS) is phenomenal. Every time I called with questions, BNCS provided "world class service" and reassured me from the "setting" to "diamond" selection to the final "delivery". I opted to have the ring shipped directly to the nearest FedEx facility at the suggestion of BNCS; due to my absent of not receiving the ring at my residence on the scheduled delivery date. My fiance is very very pleased with the setting and the diamond's quality. My fiance's family, friends and co-workers are also very impressed with the selection and quality of the setting/diamond. The ring is more beautiful in-person than the on-line photo.

ANONYMOUS - June 2013


First, I must say I usually would not buy diamonds by mail. I jumped in andgot both feet wet!! When I opened the blue box, I couldn't speak. Thesparkle and clearity was amazing. I could not believe what I was seeing, Ilove, love them. Would not think of even sending these little gems back. Iam so happy with my buy it will not be my last. It also must be said thatBlue Nile gives you so much information about diamonds and gems thatyou feel alittle more confident to make a wise choice. Thank you Blue Nilefor my little blue box!!!


The Signature Engagement Ring bar none!!!

My fiance loves it!!! I proposed to her on our vacation in Bali, Indonesia and she was blown away! The ring was better than I expected, as my choices were .90 ct, Ideal Cut, E color, and VVS2. She receives daily compliments and can't stop smiling. She's looking forward to the matching wedding band next year in Ethiopia! I believe there's a correlation with this company and the river in Ethiopia...AMAZING!!! I would like to extend my gratitude to Diane who was more than helpful with the selection process. I wanted to make sure my fiance would be happy with the selection. To say I caught my fiance by surprise is an understatement. Blue Nile is the recommended choice and I look forward to future purchases!!! Blue Nile sealed our vacation/engagement from the Middle East to Bali and back!!!

ANONYMOUS - May 2013

This ring is spectuclar!

I purchased this ring and matching band with a 1.26 carat center stone and it is Spectular! The ring and diamond compliment each other perfectly and provide a very classy combination! The quality of the ring is exceptional, and so much better than any of the rings we looked at in local jewelry stores. The diamond selection at Blue Nile is second to none, and the customer service is amazing! This ring is gorgeous, and my fiance absolutely loves it...we get compliments on the ring and diamond everywhere we go. Use the Blue Nile diamond education, and you won't be disappointed!

CHAD, PETALUMA CA - April 2013

Great Experiance

First off, I must say that Blue Nile has AMAZING customer service. I am extremely happy with the purchase and cannot wait to propose to my Girlfriend. The ring looks fantastic. I will continue shopping on Blue Nile as well as suggesting it to my friends.



The ring is beautiful and my fiance loves it!!! Choosing Blue Nile was the best decision ever. Thank you so much!


Forget Jered, this quality and price was found at Bluenile.com!

My fiance told me about the kind of ring she wanted a couple years ago, so the set up of the blue Nile website was really easy for me to pick the perfect ring for her. The customer service representatives were very knowledgable and patient. The experience of making the purchase was simple and quick.



My fiance LOVES this ring, it's the perfect fit and extremely comfortable! Plus, it looks amazing on him. We actually originally wanted the tungsten carbide ring, but it was too heavy and thick for our taste so we went with this one and we are in love with it. We dealt with the customer service a lot to figure out which ring would be perfect and they recommended this one for us. The customer service department was WONDERFUL! They were always so cheerful and sweet and always happy to help us figure out what we needed. LOVE LOVE LOVE BLUE NILE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for such an awesome shopping experience!


It is perfect thank you very much

Well all can say is she loved it. I was nervous at first making a purchase of this amount over the phone by card, but you guys were very professional and no problems. We have been telling everyone where i got the ring and it has definitely had super positive feed back. Thank you so much for helping us with this special event. I will be a repeat customer in the near future.


Great website!

This website is great! It was extremely simple to pick out a great diamond in my price range. If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have been able to buy my fiances engagement ring. Every where I went I found rings that were significantly smaller while being significantly more expensive. Because of te great prices and selections I was able to get an affordable and beautiful ring that my fiance loves. This was the easiest and best experience I had while searching for our engagement ring.

JOHN, PARAMUS NJ - March 2013

Great education, great customer service

This was my first diamond purchase, so needed a lot of education. I read up on everything on the site, then contacted a jeweler in the family and she confirmed what I had learned was spot on. I was familiar with Bluenile (good reputation) so was comfortable buying from them online (and frankly, find many brick-and-morter jewelry stores like used car lots - kind of feel like I'm being hustled for a commission). The ring we got was a bit too large, and looks like it's going to be a breeze to return and get the correct size. Lastly, the design was exactly what I was looking for (3 diamond, white metal, something like a trellis design - many of the 3 stone rings I saw on many sites look too "industrial" rather than elegant). And the quality and appearance of the diamonds is excellent (I put my money into cut and color rather than carat - the sparkle of the stones is amazing). But most importantly, I have a very, very happy fiancee. Success all around!!

ANONYMOUS - March 2013

she loves her ring.

It took me as while to choose and create my ring since their selection is pretty big. Since I'm on a budget, I was surprised when I saw the ring and at asking price. After literally hours of going through the huge stock of rings and diamonds, I finally decide on which two to buy.I believe that what I paid for the ring and diamond was a truly great bargain! If I would've gone to other places, I would've paid alot more. it took me a while to find what I wanted and am extremely happy.I forgot to mention that blue nile has many educational tools and tips. They break it down to the simplest way of explaining the engagement deal. Honestly I'm very happy with my purchase and do r is my fiance.

ANONYMOUS - March 2013

Excellent product(s)!

4th or 5th purchase from Blue Nile..there just is NO BETTER PLACE to find the highest quality of diamonds anywhere...love the lightening speed shipping and quality guarantee. Thanks, Blue Nile!

SHELLEY, PHOENIX AZ - February 2013

Best decision ever on diamond purchase!

Great timeless ring, very classy and elegant. Great match for a great diamond. By the way the diamond (purchased also at bluenile) was a great rock, she loves it and still goes "WOW" every time she sees it. Customer service is the best when you are unsure on your purchase, never pressure and always there to help so you get the deal you want, when you want. They don't just want your money, and if you are not happy, they will take it back no problem. VERY RECOMMENDABLE!

LUIZ, MCALLEN TX - February 2013

I love this ring!

I was nervous about ordering a ring online without actually being able to see it in person but I love it!! I went with a 1 carat round brillian stone and it's more beautiful than it looked in pictures. I just keep staring at it. I've also gotten many compliments on it already and I've only had it for a week. I lost my original engagement ring and it took me 4 months to figure out what I wanted to do for a replacement. I coudln't find anything in jewelry stores that I liked as much that was close to affordable. The appraisal that came with my ring was $4000 more than what I paid! I was so excited to see that! I love this ring!

ANONYMOUS - February 2013

Dazzling even by moonlight...

She absolutely loved her new engagement ring from Blue Nile, describing it as truly unique. The proposal occurred at night on a beach, and even by only moonlight, this ring sparkled as if it were in daylight. The 1 carat round stone's cut makes for a dazzling display, and the duet setting in platinum makes the whole ring bright and radiant like no other ring that we have seen before. She is now the envy of all her firiends. Thanks Blue Nile!

KEVIN, TAMPA FL - February 2013

She loves the ring. It looks great. Additionally, had it appraised by independent jeweler and was well above cost and very close to Blue Nile's included report. Very impressed.

ANONYMOUS - February 2013

Could not have asked for a more perfect setting

I searched all over Arkansas for the perfect ring, even some very high-end jewelry stores. I also spent a great deal of time on the Blue Nile website and talking with Blue Nile "Diamond Experts" on the phone. I knew what she wanted and I was not going to settle. The ring I picked out was absolutely perfect! I could not have asked for a more perfect setting to go with the diamond I purchased from Blue Nile. The customer service was great and the value was exception. I will absolutely be a repeat customer.

JIMMY B, HOT SPRINGS AR - January 2013