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Couple: Ashley & Dustin
Proposal Date: 11/08/2008
Proposal Location: Dallas,
TX, United States
Wedding Date: 09/12/2009
Wedding Location: Dallas,
TX, United States
Our Proposal Story: Longest 24 hours
My fiance is in the Air Force, and his position keeps him up for hours at a time. We've been together now for about 4 years and been living apart now for the last year and a half of that time. So needless to say... I was usually a teary mess over the phone since I missed him so much and my biggest dream is that he will just be there when I wake up.

We had talked on the phone previously the night before. It was one of those nights and I was missing him something fierce. I would say on day's like these, "Lets just pretend you were going to be here in the morning". What I didn't know is that this time, he secretly had a ticket to come in the next morning. Being the sensable one, he would say "but baby, you know I can't. I have to work". He kept pressing that point that he couldn't be there after I would repeatedly ask him to just "pretend". I finally just demanded, "this is my dream, so d***it just pretend!" He had been secretly laughing on the other end knowing that he was actually going to be there tomorrow morning!

He flew in after he got off alert and had my mother pick him up and then let him into my appartment to set up the proposal and catch some sleep before I came home from church. I had been so depressed and upset from the night before that I was sick to my stomach. So I called my mom (who I thought was at church) and told her that I was going to go home early and sleep and not to expect to see me. She frantically called Dustin to make sure he was up and tell him to get ready. He quickly pulled himself together and waited secretly in my appartment. When I came in he had rose petals all over the floor and roses on my bed, he had even put my folded laundry away and made my bed! He was hidding in the corner of my room. He said, "Ashley, I love you, and since I made your dream come true, by coming in today, will you make my dream come true?" He knealed, and had the most beautiful ring! So by the time he proposed, he had been up for over a solid 24 hours... I can't wait till September and being able to see him every morning!

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