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Couple: shambree & Darren Gray
Proposal Date: 03/14/2010
Proposal Location: our aptment,
TX, United States
Wedding Date: 10/29/2011
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Perfect Day
This story that i am going to share with you was and is a perfect day. I met this guy 3 Years ago not knowing if i wanted to get back into a relationship because i just got separated from my ex that i have been married to for 8 years. For a whole month i was going out to some clubs to go dancing then i saw the guy that i want to be with for the rest of my life. Two weeks after we started dating i move into his apartment. My life could not get better then this. My Birthday is on the 29th of October. We stated dating with each other on my birthday and we are getting married on my birthday. One day i was out on the porch fighting with my sister and my mom so i was so upset that i had to do something.I had two bobby pins in my hand and i was just locking them together. Well Darren out of know where said to me that in October 29th 2011 you will be a gray. I know this might sound cheesy but is was cute. Plus he does some off the wall things on our anniversary like make a cake and put his name and my name in the cake with a heart around it with tooth picks and puts it in the frig so it can harden
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