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Couple: Chris & Crystal
Proposal Date: 08/10/2007
Proposal Location: Massachusetts,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location: MA/NH,
United States
Engagement Ring
Her Ring
Our Proposal Story: My painting to you...
For some time my g/f and I had been talking about painting a silhouette mural on her wall in her bedroom, since her and I are both artists. Finally we went to the store and bought some paint and brushes so when the time came, we were ready. Well, a week or two later, with much planning, I proposed to Crystal... on her wall.

Crystal was a waitress at a nice restaurant where she would work in the evenings. So on August 10th, that Friday night, when she was off waitressing, I got to work. To make a long story short, I painted a silhouette of a guy on one knee proposing to a girl. I also painted in large letters, "Will You Marry Me?", and below in small I wrote, "I'll love you forever and always", and I included the date, "8-10-07". Lucky enough, I finished w/ plenty of time to spare before Crystal would return from work. When she did get back to the house, she could tell something was up, but just didn't know what. (I have a hard time hiding secrets cause I get a weird smile on my face.) Without giving her any hints, she walked into her bedroom to change out of her work clothes. When she turned on the light, she saw the painting. She started to cry, a LOT actually. She finally turned around, and there I was...right behind one knee...with the ring in hand. That's when she started BALLING, like uncontrollably. I got up off my knee, gave her a long hug to calm her, and I told her I loved her. I then said, "Ok, I gotta do this now..." I got back down on my knee and said, "Crystal...will you marry me?" She quickly responded with a "YES!" and threw her arms around me.

To see a photo of the painting I did on her wall, send me an Email and I'd be happy to send it to you:

Email -

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my story.

Best of luck to the rest of you!!


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