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Couple: blanton & April
Proposal Date: 04/07/2012
Proposal Location: Ponce De Leon Inlet, Daytona Beach,
FL, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Sunset Ipod proposal
The proposal was more than I could have ever imagining. The two of us went to one of our favorite restaurants at Ponce Inlet. We had a nice table with a terrific view of the water and sunset. Earlier in the week, i had told her I had a surprise for her and would give it to her in Daytona Beach. As we are eating, I asked what she thought the surprise might be. She didn't even have clue of what it might be so I told her to feel my shorts pocket to see what it might be. She grabbed it and thought to herself what could this be. She said it feels like a small box and perhaps a ring box. The anticipation building. So, We continue to eat and I finally told her she could have her gift and to reach in and get it. She reaches in and pulls out the small shaped box to find out that it's a brand new Ipod nano. She was really happy and excited about getting the new ipod due to the fact her other one had died recently. Little did she know about the surprise the nano really had inscribed on it. We finally finished dinner and the sun is within 5 minutes of setting over the water and I escort her out to the docks and the waters edge and we sit as the sun is dwindling. I then tell her that there is more of the surprise and to open the ipod and read the back. As she opens it, She reads the back engraving "Will you marry me?" as I am pulling out the other box with the new Blue Nile diamond ring. She instantly started tearing up with excitement and happiness and said yes before I had the ring out of the box. A perfect ring with pink sapphires, beautiful sunset, awesome dinner, and fantastic woman to make one amazing evening.
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