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Couple: David & Joan
Proposal Date: 07/20/1989
Proposal Location: Phoenix Art Museum,
United States
Wedding Date: 09/28/2013
Wedding Location: Arizona,
United States
Our Proposal Story: A Night at the Museum
My girlfriend, Joan, of two and a half years would often reminisce about her trips to the Phoenix Art Museum as a young girl. She loved the atmosphere and the art. Her particular favorite was Flowering Arches by Monet. With this in mind, I planned our engagement for over a year.

Ultimately, I rented out the Phoenix Art Museum for an entire evening. I told Joanie we were celebrating a friend's birthday, but before we went to the restaurant, I had to drop off some legal documents at the museum (after hours) for my firm (I'm interning as a law student). When we arrived, I dropped off the "legal documents" (a manila envelope filled with blank paper) and asked if we might take a look around. The gentleman at the front door played his part perfectly and allowed us inside. As we began our tour, he radioed to staff members informing them of our presence.

The museum was completely empty, and we visited every exhibit and painting. At the end of the tour, there was a second floor hallway that opened into a balcony overlooking the Great Hall. As we walked down the hallway, Joan could see a romantic table set up in the middle of the great hall. She said, "We have to get out of here, someone's about to get engaged!" I only smiled at her. It was perfect.

As we walked to the balcony, I took her hand and directed her to a viewing area where a painting was depicted on an easel. I told her it was the last exhibit. It was a painting of the two of us, with her favorite Monet background. When she turned around, I was on one knee with ring in hand.

After that, we had a romantic dinner for two in the Great Hall of the Phoenix Art Museum with a personal waiter. After dinner, I surprised her again. I had invited all her friends and family to celebrate with us with a champagne toast and desserts.

It was truly a picturesque evening.

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