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Couple: hamlet & Tyna
Proposal Date: 09/15/2012
Proposal Location: Seoul Tower, South Korea,
South Korea
Wedding Date: 11/10/2013
Wedding Location: Costa Rica,
Costa Rica
Our Proposal Story: Hamlet and Tyna Proposal Flashmob
I just want to Say Thanks so much to everyone who helped me out with this! So I Been planning this for a while now about three months, I told her that i had some project I had to do with the military and the Korean government, so i can get away from her on the weekends for 4 hours to practice this event. Anyways Sept 15 just like any normal day I decided to go to Namsan Tower, South Korea. Little did she know what was about to happen eventually we got to the top. I had my friend go there so he can meet us "coindentially&quo- t;.Once we met i quickly Ditched her saying i was going to the bathroom. After that my friend just talked on and on and then started singing "isn't he so lovely".The Flash Mob began , there were two songs one English one and Korean one. At the end of the Song I recieved a genie lamp and rubbed it! Genie of course appear, he asked me what my wish was and of course i said to be with the most beautiful princess in the world. We put a tiara on her and i said "OMG its a princess" i then eventually asked her to MARRY ME. She said yes!I then Screamed she said YES!!! and finished off with the Fantastic Dance! Check This Page Out For The Comic My Friend Drew - "coindentially&quo- t;.Once- bestChallenge/detail.nh- n?titleId=87843&no=- 97

The video can be watched here "coindentially&quo- t;.Once- bestChallenge/detail.nh- n?titleId=87843&no=- 97

The- m/watch?v=xEWoPNM2bhA - ;

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