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TV Commercial Proposal
I’m going to keep this story nice and short.One day after a long day at work my girlfriend came home to a romantic dinner with candles that I had prepared for her.Now that was a nice start, but I had to top her birthday present.It was a sight seeing flight on a small airplane over Philadelphia city, and over a roof of my work where the words “I LOV U” were written in giant letters.This was the way I said “I love you” to her for the first time.Setting a benchmark so high it was a real challenge to top that with some kind of a really creative proposal.Killing my self with this for a month, I finally came up with insane idea.Being media industry, I’ve made my self a little 60sec commercial.I made it look like an ipod commercial, so no one suspects anything.Only instead of dancing, a nice poem was read by me, at the end of which I proposed.Though couple of connections I had it played during our favorite show.It so happen it was right after the romantic dinner.We ended up on a bed, and here comes the commercial, perfect timing.She was like “ oh my god, you never told me you put your self in a commercial…” that was the last words she said for the next 30 minuets….Well after “I DO!!!”of course.
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