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Couple: Nick & Desirae
Proposal Date: 11/15/2007
Proposal Location: Brookings,
SD, United States
Wedding Date: 09/20/2008
Wedding Location: Brookings,
SD, United States
Our Proposal Story: The Perfect Surprise and The Best Night of Our Lives!
Backround Info: Play baseball at SDSU, college student, and dirt poor-this is how I made it work and fun! In mid-October, I informed Des that I would be going to California with my coach for a conference that my coach goes to every year-but this year they wanted each coach to bring along a player so they could discuss player/coach relationships. She thought this was a great opportunity for me and that it was nice of my coach to pick me to join him. Throughout the following weeks, I kept talking about this conference that I was going to and how I was so excited to get away from the cold SD weather.

On November 14th, I spent the night packing and getting everything done before I left for California. I left Des's house early that night so I could get to sleep since I "had to get up early". The next morning, I stopped by at 4:30 in the morning to say bye before I met my coach to leave for Sioux Falls (I even faked some tears as I was saying bye and how much I was going to miss her that weekend). At 8 in the morning, one of Des's roommates, Melissa, knocked on her door and was holding a dozen roses, with a note that said she would be receiving seven more surprises, for a total of eight throughout the day, one for each month we had been dating. Throughout the day, she received six more flower bouquets from various individuals. At 10:30, she received flowers from one of my friend, Ben; at 11:30, flowers from her roommate Suzie; at 1, flowers from one of her kids at the preschool; at 2:30, flowers appeared in the observation booth at the preschool; at 4:30, flowers from one of Des's friends, Vanessa; and at 6:15, while at the shepherd team meeting (leadership meeting for CRU).

At 6:15, they had shepherd team meeting, where they were going on a prayer drive to various locations throughout Brookings (which I set up). Des was sent with Ben to go to Brookings Wesleyan and pray for Oasis and the college ministries. When they arrived at the church, Ben led her inside the room where we have Oasis each week and then shut the door, leaving her alone in the room.

Inside the room was a walk-way created out of candles and rose petals which led to a small table in the middle of the room that had candles, a cross, rose petals, and a letter addressed to her. As soon as Des picked up the letter, I came out from a door at the end of the room. I said "Hi babe...I lied...Here's your eighth surprise!" I came to where Des was, handed her the flowers and took the envelope. I explained the importance of the envelope (that I sent the letter out on the day we started dating (postmarked March 13) and has been holding it in my top drawer, waiting for this day). I then proceeded to read the letter to Desirae, and at the end, folded up the letter and proposed to her! At the end of the letter, I had written "Desirae Dawn Seeley...will you marry me?"...showing that I knew from the day we started dating that we were going to get married!

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